Misled and very badly served by Dell

  Keetoz 14:05 02 Feb 2007

I recently attempted to buy a laptop from Dell. I was repeatedly misled as to where and when the machine would be delivered; a string of promises were broken by their sales and customer care teams. I went to their complaints department and still have not had an explanation as to how and why theses things occurred. With no light at the end of the tunnel I have now cancelled my order and expect a refund and some compensation for my wasted time. Has anyone had similar experiences with Dell?

  PaulB2005 14:23 02 Feb 2007

All excellent experiences. Even when there were problems.

  Jackcoms 14:35 02 Feb 2007

"Has anyone had similar experiences with Dell?"


"I was repeatedly misled as to where and when the machine would be delivered"

It's usually your responsibility to tell them WHERE you want items delivered. Delivery dates are never an exact science. Once the goods leave Dell's warehouse they're at the mercy of the delivery companies.

  PaulB2005 14:51 02 Feb 2007

Obviously we're not saying bad service doesn't happen at Dell. It happens at all vendors. Just Dell have a very good reputation for service.

You've been unlucky I'd say. Speak to them and see if you can't resolve the problems.

  The Brigadier 15:41 02 Feb 2007

I went to Toshiba to buy my Laptop as it was easy to do so.
I found some Dell Laptops to be under spec for the price, but they do make solid well built pc's & laptops though.

  ventanas 15:55 02 Feb 2007

Have dealt with Dell for some years and have bought over 25 machines from them. Never had a problem with anything. You can actually track your order via the courier (usually Walsh Western) web site.

  FreeCell 19:55 02 Feb 2007

Had a problem about a year ago when ordering their cheapest laptop for my daughter. They were pushy on the sales side(order by phone as website pricing was not adjusted for offer) for extra memory etc but that's part of their job I suppose. They said delivery 7 - 10 days.

Three days later got a phone call from a neighbour to say they had found a package from Dell on their doorstep. Yep, it was my laptop delivered to the wrong address and not signed for. Nothing from Dell to indicate that delivery was being shipped so nobody was expecting any delivery. I complained to Dell who offered apologies and a further discount on the price as compensation. Meant a Dell laptop for well under £300 so I was pleased in the end and I think Dell dealt with the problem well once they were aware of it.

  Keetoz 21:04 02 Feb 2007

... apart from Freecell (and my own previous dealings with Dell).

My problems arose because I wanted to buy via a credit agreement with their financial services. I'm working in London, but my bank details were with an address in Stratford-upon-Avon. The Dell sales person twice told me that the machine could be delivered to me in London, this turned out not to be the case so I cancelled but was then persuaded to re-instate my order on the promise that the laptop could be delivered to my Stratford address the next day. This promise was not kept, nor were subsequent promises for the day after. It turns out that the machine has been returned to their factory. In the end I've cancelled as I can't trust what I'm told by them. I was offered free delivery but no further discount for my trouble.

  spuds 12:30 03 Feb 2007

Any delivery arrangement is at the mercy of many factors. I have purchased many items from Dell, and in all cases the delivery was 'spot-on'. Dell have informed as to the 'expected' time, and after final shipment the carrier (usually Walsh Weston) have arranged prompt delivery with tracking facility. On one occasion, I even received telephone confirmation on a national holiday.

Some companies will only delivery to the address registered or given by the credit card company, this is a safeguard and possible fraud prevention procedure. No point in saying the company is rubbish, or they will never get any further business from you, when in fact they may have your safety in mind, rather than a misguided sale.

  Keetoz 13:48 03 Feb 2007

... and completely accept Dell's security procedures now that I am aware of them. My point is that I was repeatedly given the wrong information by their representatives.

  Keetoz 17:21 09 Feb 2007

Well, as I decided to re-order the system I wanted I have to say Dell pulled out the stops this week and got the machine to me in 3 days and are giving me a discount for my trouble.

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