Misleading advertising or is it just me ??

  korkyB 18:31 05 May 2003

My neighbour asked me to help him set up his new Performa PC bought from Watford/Savastore last week.

When I tried to set the shared graphics memory to the 32mb it was advertised to have it appeared that 8mb was the maximum available.

Having done some research today it appears that the MSi 6378 motherboard supplied with the PC only has a maximum of 8mb graphics memory although the info on the website click here (if you click the tab next to the "gfx" info box) clearly says "up to 32mb (shared)".

He is somewhat disappointed with the 3d performance of the machine and although it is not excactly cutting edge I would have to agree that with a Athlon XP2000+ I expected better too. Its much much worse than my Athlon 900 although that does have a dedicated 32mb graphics card.

Am I missing something obvious or has he been misled

  -pops- 18:40 05 May 2003

If they say 32 and there is only 8, ask (politely at first) where the other 24 is or when they are going to send it - you get the idea!

Certainly appears that someone has been misled. What does the sales contract/delivery note/invoice say?

Ensure that you ordered EXACTLY the model you saw in the advertisement and carefully keep a copy of said advertisement (you may need it later).

  H-J 22:40 05 May 2003

The motherboard on these only have 8M SHARED memory. this means that they are pinching system resourcs almost from the moment you turn them on. ok, the graphics (trident cyber blade)are reasonably reliable, but dont go buying any expensive games! and dont go buying any fancy agp cards to make up this deficiency, as you dont have an agp slot on that machine to plug it into.

While I am posting, I looked on the link and am somewhat bemused at the description of the ram. are we to be impressed with things like "256Mb High speed" and "256Mb fast DDR".

  DieSse 23:17 05 May 2003

It also says 128bit graphics - The Trident Blade 3D is 64bit.

Nor does it have 6-channel sound - it's just two channel.

Despite all this it's not bad value - just someone has made an almighty big error in the Ad!!!!

  bfoc 11:37 06 May 2003

I believe if the machine is not as advertised or described and no clear description of the 'changes' were communicated prior to despatch/payment (which ever is earlier)your friend is under no obligation to keep the machine.

Your friend might like, as a reasonable person, to allow Watford/Savastore to put matters right very quickly, but if so they should be informed that they only have this single chance and a limted time to do so and that allowing them to do that will only be on condition that it in no way reduces his consumer rights.

Alternately your friend might like to reject the goods as not what was ordered and demand a full and immediate refund (including delivery). The choice is theirs.

  Forum Editor 19:52 06 May 2003

such as "Up to 32Mb" which as you say is the wording used on the site.

From my reading of the information on the web site it would appear that the computer that was delivered was not as described on the web site, and if your neighbour relied on the web site information when making a purchasing decision he should contact the company and tell them that.

He might decide to give them an opportunity to offer to remedy the discrepancy first, and if that doesn't look like happening he might decide to reject the machine as not being as described. That would entitle him to a full refund. I would like to think that this will be sorted out without having to resort to such measures however. Perhaps you'll keep us posted?

  korkyB 08:28 07 May 2003

My neighbour is currently waiting for a reply to an e-mail sent to Watford on Monday. The e-mail to them just states that we are having some problems setting the machine to use the full 32mb of video memory that it is advertised as having and would like some advice on how to do this.

You never know it might be a super duper new version of the board which has 32mb.

Then again......

Will post any developments.

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