Miserable service from Rock Computers

  JMTaylor 19:40 25 Nov 2005

E-mail sent to Carol Stacey at Rock Computers - judge for yourself.
Regarding my Pegasus TL computer that has failed yet again.I have kept trying your technical support line and given up in frustration.
I asked your switchboard to pass me through to your extension but apparently he "did not know it"
I e-mailed you on the 15 November requesting you to respond to me urgently - you have not even had the courtesy to reply to me or ring me.
I travelled 200 miles to bring the faulty machine to you and agreed with your team leader that he would get it looked at urgently - that was 9 days ago Since then no e-mail, no telephone, no service - nothing.
I noted when I got down to your offices the walls covered with PC Advisor certificates - I do not know what for!!.
I intent to pass this e-mail to PC Advisor in the hope that it will deter another poor soul doing business with you.

  Kilobyte 23:01 27 Nov 2005

Rock computers have an online forum at click here so it may also be best to post there with the problems that you have with your laptop.

  Forum Editor 00:09 28 Nov 2005

may or may not deter others - I wouldn't know - but I'm bound to say that the company does make some extremely good machines, which is why their walls are covered with PC Advisor certificates.

Now you know what for, but obviously that isn't going to help with your particular problem. I can only suggest that you keep trying to contact them. It's fair to say that we see very few complaints about this company, in fact I can't remember when I last saw one, so perhaps you've just been unlucky. Kilobyte's suggestion isn't a bad idea - no doubt someone at Rock computers monitors their own forum.

  JMTaylor 08:18 28 Nov 2005

I'll try their forum but i'm not optimistic -it's their general lack of care that i'm concerned about. They appear not to "give a ...." about my problems. Anyway I'll close this thread and thanks again

  jimladd 04:26 30 Dec 2005

I have dealt with Rock on numerous occasions either because of my laptop or that of my brother-in-law's. They take forever to answer phones, ignore emails and on the whole are unhelpful. It took me 3 months to get them to look at my laptop which I had stated had a faulty CPU, there response was that Windows reports the wrong speed of AMD64 chips. It was obvious to me that CPU was faulty but they took some convincing, on return they found CPU to be faulty and replaced it, but it took them over a week and a lot of nagging. Great machines, poor after sales customer service......

  spuds 11:37 30 Dec 2005

Seeing office walls covered in PCA certificates,or any other certificates, doesn't always give a full and true story, as each computer magazine opinions may differ on certain products, especially if the certificates are slightly 'aged'.Your opinion of the company, should have been at the consultation stage with Carol Stacey and Rock Computers staff, when all the relevant points should have been raised, especially as you had completed a 200 mile trip, to get things put right.

As the forum editor rightly states, very few remarks have been made about Rock Computers over the years within the PCA forums, but this doesn't necessarily mean they are a good or bad company.Perhaps there are not many PCA forum members who use or have the company's product.

Good luck in getting the problems solved, but ignoring emails and the like, doesn't give a very good impression of a company.

  realist 13:43 30 Dec 2005

I'd send them an email giving them a clickable link to this thread (and at the Rock forum if you post there) and suggesting they follow it. You never know.....

  Ikelos 16:16 30 Dec 2005

i have two Rock laptops, a sigma and a Qti, and their after sales has been first class, the Qti played up, rang them on the monday and they picked it up Tuesday, and it came back a week later, as new and all sorted....

  Ikelos 16:18 30 Dec 2005

and yes, those at the top of Rock do monitor their forum, and a good forum it is..

  vasek 17:04 09 Apr 2006

After reading praises in PC Advisor about Rock Computers several years ago, I have now purchased third laptop from them. None of them were trouble free, but the latest Quadra beats them all. Purcased 2 years ago, it was just returned for the 4th time. It will take 10 working days to fix.
When testing the performance of their laptops, why don't you comment on their reliabilites??? Of course I would never buy another product from them. It is too late for me to after parting with about £4500, but hopefully potential customers of Rock Computers will take my experiance as a warning.

  bomobloke 19:05 09 Mar 2008

Hi, I must say that things seem to have gone downhill considerably at Rock. It may well be the case that they used to live up to the reputation described above by some of you but you only need to look at the user forums to realise times have changed. Both new customers and some of us who have been waiting months to get their laptops reapaired can tell you first hand.
Prospective customers would appear to be giving up in droves due to ridiculous delivery times. The fairly unusual 3 year warranties they offer would seem to be laughable in hindsight. I wonder how much that cost me?

As for customer service...again...its lamentable.

Read their forums, it will give you a clearer picture. I would not recommend this company any longer.

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