Mini notebook for £169

  dms05 08:21 10 Oct 2007

I've just read about the RM Asus tiny Eee PC click here

It costs £169 for 256Mb RAM with solid state 2Gb HDD, webcam, wifi, usb2, lan, modem, 7" colour screen. £199 gets you the 512Mb/4Gb. Runs Linux.

Do we see a market for a sub notebook that's cheaper than an iPod?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:33 10 Oct 2007

'Runs Linux'..and there is the fatal flaw in the marketing strategy. 'Uses a 7" screen'...and there is the other flaw.


  dms05 08:41 10 Oct 2007

I suppose the problem is including any paid for OS (ie XP or even OSX) would add £100 to the selling price.

However I don't see why you shouldn't install Windows or any version of Linux that suits you.

One flaw is that VAT and delivery aren't included so it's likely to be £235 delivered for you and me, for the 512/4Gb version, but I assume VAT free for a school.

Also you can buy a £299 full laptop with 14" screen from ebuyer.

However the portabilty and spec may help find a market.

  Belatucadrus 11:41 10 Oct 2007

"cheap enough for the kids to break with impunity"

What planet do these people come from, that said I think it looks interesting and will be checking one out when they surface.

  I am Spartacus 12:02 10 Oct 2007

"cheap enough for the kids to break with impunity"

I picked up on that too.

I'm planning to get one when it's released.

I used a Psion 5 for years and don't have a problem with the screen size and Linux doesn't put me off either.

  wjrt 18:58 11 Oct 2007

on sale usa for $199 do as gamers did for sony ps3 dont buy and see if the price drops

  I am Spartacus 19:25 11 Oct 2007

Any links to the US sites selling it please?

  interzone55 20:50 11 Oct 2007

Adding Windows would add £45 to the price, that's all RM pay for XP Home, but you'd need more memory, and a load more disc space as XP needs at least a Gig of disc space for all the bloat it installs.

I think this is a good idea, with WiFi & 3G it will have net access pretty much anywhere, and a 7" screen is enough for basic surfing, emails & school projects.

I'll definately give it a good looking over.

  DieSse 01:11 12 Oct 2007

'Runs Linux'..and there is the fatal flaw in the marketing strategy.

All low cost low hardware spec systems will run Linux - get over it.

Surfing the web, emailing, IMing, writng correspondence etc etc - you couldn't tell the difference anyway.

Except for the cost of software of course!

  DieSse 01:20 12 Oct 2007

Good review with lots of pics click here

Shipping estimated around mid-November on US sites.

  dms05 16:07 12 Oct 2007

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