Mini IPOD or Zen Micro

  Adz1310 18:03 11 Jun 2005

off to the states in a week, but dont know which one to get? anyone any suggestions which is betta or any alternatives??? let us know thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:05 11 Jun 2005

Go for the cheapest, digital sound is digital sound...unless you are a fashionista. I would also try to buy a decent pair of headphones as both come with 'not terribly good ones™'.


  Andybear 20:25 11 Jun 2005

I bought the Zen Micro a couple of weeks ago and it's great, very easy to use. One advantage that it has over the Ipod is that you can change the battery yourself. Once the Ipod battery stops charging up you have to send it back to Apple to have another one inserted. I'm not sure how much they charge but I think it's quite a bit more than the cost of a new Micro battery.

I'm with GANDALF <|:-)> as regards the headphones though. I immediately swapped the ones that came with the Micro for a pair I already had which I've been using with my CD player.

  De Marcus 20:49 11 Jun 2005

I'll second Gandalf, although i have the mini ipod i'm not a 'fashionista' but the headphones supplied are terrible, whichever one you buy consider the cost of about £30 for a decent pair of headphones.

  Jdoki 17:20 13 Jun 2005

Zen Micro. Bought one a while back and it's great.

The only downside I've found is when using Windows Media Player 10 and trying to get playlists to work properly.

With standard firmware (v.1.02.05) you can not set up auto-syncing Playlists between WMP10 and the Zen Micro, and on the whole I found that Playlists are handled poorly by Creative's bundled software and WMP10 (and setting them up using the Zen itself is not fun)!

Creative have an update firmware v.2.11.02 which is supposed to enable this feature. However on mine, and many other Zen Micros this firmware does not work. This can be annoying as part of the firware update process is the formatting of the internal hard drive!!! Most annoying to end up with a blank Zen Micro - and the old firmware version!

The best solution I have found is to use RealPlayer for managing my mp3's as it has much better integration with the Zen Micro.

  Rose 17:51 13 Jun 2005

Go for the ipod! I have both these players and the ipod scores every time for ease of use. Both players deliver on the sound front but where the learning curve is concerned the ipod wins. It just works. I love it.

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