Migrating from Wanadoo broadband (to madasafish)

  georgemac © 00:45 26 Jul 2005

My year is up, so as they are charging customers for a speed upgrade when most others are doing it for free, I decided to change from the 512k 2 Gbyte package.

Emailed wanadoo, got a reply - sorry cannot supply the MAC code by email, gave me a number to phone. This was the helpline with only automated voice messages, but got another number to phone. About 3 phone calls later, spoke to someone who said no rpoblem, we will email you the MAC code within 48 hrs?

Liked the look of the tiscali up to 2mbit speed with 15 gbyte download allowance for £17.99 per month, so gave them a call. They do not accept MAC codes and insist you have to get disconnected, then sign up with them and wait for around 10 days to get connected again, sounds daft to me so I decline.

Have singed up with madasafish, up to 2mbit speed (1 mbit for my exchange), 5 gbyte download allowance, £17.99 per month, pay for 1st month and as I need no equipment then get 4 month's free. Will be changed over in around 7 days so hopefully will go OK.

Anyone had any experience of madasafish, I'm now with them for the next 12 month's anyway.

  spuds 10:49 26 Jul 2005

georgemac- Here is a review on Madafish, seems an okay company. I am using Tiscali and was considering the £17.99 2mb upgrade, but at times my line seems very slooow, even with 1mb.

Regarding the information that you was given by Tiscali, I would perhaps suggest that you ask again, if you would like the service. When I upgraded from Lineone dial-up to broadband, I was told different stories about what and whatnot. The third person that I contacted arranged a smooth transfer, with no problems, and I have been satisfied ever since.

  spuds 10:52 26 Jul 2005

Whoops-missed out the review link click here

  Pidder 11:06 26 Jul 2005

On this point of Wanadoo charging existing customers for an upgrade to 2 Gb from 1 Gb (£20),suppose one decided to move before the initial year is up, by cancelling a Direct Debit, what action could Wanadoo take? Would they take thousands of people to Court? I don't see that as practicable.

  Confab 12:46 26 Jul 2005

I have been with Madasafish for a few years now and find the reliability of the service and helpfulness of the Tech Support team second to none

I am also on the 2Mb 5GB package and find it really easy to check on my daily usage, although I haven’t managed to exceed 5GB yet.

I would recommend them to anyone


  Confab 12:48 26 Jul 2005

I think that review link you posted is about 5 years old.


  spuds 13:21 26 Jul 2005

Confab--You are right,didn't notice the date. Just thinking about score ratings :o)

Pidder-- If Wanadoo run on similar administration procedures that most commercial business's use, then if payments are not made, its a case for debt collector's involvement. Can turn out very nasty! :o(

  georgemac © 00:26 27 Jul 2005

thanks, looking forward to being changed over now. Spuds, I never though about calling Tiscali a few times, the lady seemed pretty insistent they do not do migrations, although it makes no sense at all?

  spuds 10:14 27 Jul 2005

Just transferred from Tiscali 1Mb [2GB] to 2Mb [15Gb], and informed that I will have the connection within 48 hours, all for an extra £2.00 per month.

georgemac-- My past experience with Tiscali telephone sales seems to place them in the 'left hand,doesn't know what the right hand is doing' category.Within a period of one hour and three phone calls, my problem was solved. The first two people that I contacted was all doom and gloom. What a way to run a business!.

  interzone55 11:22 27 Jul 2005

Tiscali are not part of a migration agreement as their network uses a different ADSL product (DataStream rather than IPStream).

UKOnline have a very uncapped 2meg package for £24.99, has anyone any experience of UKOnline?

  Scillonia 12:11 27 Jul 2005

Moved to Madasafish two weeks ago from dialup, not had any problems at all, and what a difference! I choose the router option and the setup instructions are clear and easy enough and connections all done and worked according to their time frame in the email.

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