Microwave longevity

  craigfawr 08:40 19 Apr 2014

I'm looking for a microwave with a grill or perhaps combi oven.

They never seem to last long for me – around the time of expiration of the warranty.

Has anyone got one that has given good service and lasted say three or more years without problems. The reviews tend to be by new owners and don't help on this point.

The Panasonics with quartz grills that I have owned have all been fine until around two years. Easy to use in all respects. The Samsung has blown after 9 months which is a relief really because its grill would never stay no long enough to make much difference to the browning and its interminable bleeping was rather pointless.

The Which? Magazine members reviews are not helpful and tend to be negative. Nobody writes back three or four years later. Surely there must be microwave oven with a grill or combi that can stand domestic usage.

Help would be appreciated.

  alanrwood 09:31 19 Apr 2014

How are you using them. MWOs should last many years if treated correctly. Most important rule is never run the MWO with nothing in it. It causes overheating of the magnetron and premature failure. I have been using Combination MWOs since the mid 70s and in all that time only one has ever failed on me. I have used Brother, Panasonic and Samsung without problems. The one that failed was a Brother one that lasted over 20 years.

  Forum Editor 10:26 19 Apr 2014

Our current microwave (no pun intended) is new. The one before that lasted more than six years, and then we only replaced it because we re-vamped the kitchen, and it didn't suit the new design. The one before that lasted a number of years, but I can't remember the make.

First one was a Panasonic, so we went with Panasonic again. So far we're delighted with it.

  spuds 11:10 19 Apr 2014

We purchased our original 'digital' microwave when they were first being stocked in electrical superstores, and that was a Toshiba, which is still being used on a daily basis, so on that basis I suppose we have had our monies worth. Was intending to buy a Sharp at the time, but the Currys sale-person suggested otherwise!.

End of last year we purchased a Russell Hobbs RHM2505, due to a casual look in the Argos catalogue and the reviews for that product, because it 'had the lot'. Also it came with interest free credit, plus we had a few money off vouchers to spare. Cannot give a own report about that particular microwave, because its still in the box, while we decide what to do about 'old faithful'. So on that basis, suggest that you look at further reviews from other actual owner's of microwaves, possibly off the Argos website?.

  rdave13 11:25 19 Apr 2014

Had a Toshiba, grill and microwave only, for 19 years then bought a Sharp R959m in 2008 and still going.

  hastelloy 14:49 19 Apr 2014

We bought our one and only microwave (with browner) - a Phillips - in about 1978 and it's still going strong.

  TV-Repairman 15:50 19 Apr 2014

I had an "analogue" Brother microwave oven whose magnetron failed after only 10 years. I had it replaced at great expense but never used the oven again because, by then, we'd had to buy a replacement.

As stated above, running the oven with too little water content will cause premature failure.

  craigfawr 00:26 20 Apr 2014

Thanks for answers, they are valued. Look at this:

click here understand water content - metal dishes etc. My first microwave, a Toshiba lasted 25 years - that was a simple microwave only machine. The grill / combis seem to be the problem. Anybody agree?


  wee eddie 02:03 20 Apr 2014

I've worked with Microwave Combies since the mid 70's. I don't think that they are any less reliable than bog standard Microwaves, but as they are more complex than the ordinary ones, are more expensive to maintain.

I currently have an AEG 1kw job. Had temperature control problems after 9 months, but it was sorted under Warranty

  lotvic 21:50 20 Apr 2014

That's interesting link, I also had a Sharp Carousel for over 20 years that only needed a couple of fuse replacements during that time, I replaced it with an Argos 'Cookworks' cheapie about 10 years ago.

  craigfawr 11:26 03 May 2014

Thanks for the interest.

I have found a replacement with a 5-year warranty!

Brabantia from Dunelm - £99 - micro 800w - quartz grill 1200w - convection 1200w - made in China.

The grill stays on and it actually browns / crispens. There are five bleeps at the end and then it leaves you in peace.

It is fairly well made and easy to use. No enamel lining and no elements all over the place inside. Very weird rack.

Longevity? Two days so far.

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