Microsoft Word 2003

  standby 12:05 08 Dec 2007


I have the opportunity to purchase a second hand copy of MS Word 2003 but I am interested in using PowerPoint Viewer.

Advice re this item would be appreciated.


  961 12:11 08 Dec 2007

I think a free copy of powerpoint viewer can be downloaded from Microsoft

  Chris the Ancient 12:44 08 Dec 2007

A second-hand copy MAY cause problems with registration and updates.

  standby 13:11 08 Dec 2007


Thanks 961 and Chris the Ancient.

Have downloaded the free PP Viewer but problems in reading emails...will not open them.

Re problems with registration, I assume that you use MS Word Chris, if so, and as one ancient to another, you have confirmed my suspicions.

Regard each.

  Chris the Ancient 13:29 08 Dec 2007

You have confused me!

PP viewer isn't am email reader - unless somebody has sent you a PP presentation as an attachment.

Otherwise, yes, I would agree. A second-hand copy of such an application could end up as extremely iffy.

With some searching, I am sure you could find a legitimate copy of MS applications of 2003 vintage at a sensible price as most people are going for the 2007 versions now. Some auction sites sell legitimate versions - but as an OEM disc. This, of course, means no support documentation or assistance from MS - but there's a forum full of helpful folk here ;o)

  standby 13:46 08 Dec 2007

Chris the Ancient,

Thanks again for information.

Amazon have a deal through a private seller to provide MS Word 2003 with manual on disk. Cost with postage around £45.00 but does seem as you say a bit iffi and whether PP viewer is in the program I have to admit ignorance

Just require the program in order to read emails in that format.

  Chris the Ancient 13:57 08 Dec 2007

If you buy MS Word 2003, it won't include PP viewer, but that can be downloaded from the MS site.

But I'm still unsure as to why you need it for emails. They usually are sent in a format that is readable by Outlook Express that is supplied as part of Windows. Unless the PP bit is being sent as an attachment to an email.

If you do go ahead with buying Word, check that the disc is a genuine and unused hologram one other registration will prove difficult.

You could 'go the whole hog' and look in ebay and get a complete MS Office 2003 (genuine) at a reasonable price - but do make sure that it is genuine and not a 'back up' version or similar.

  standby 14:40 08 Dec 2007

Chris the Ancient.

Understood...will try ebay and see how it goes.

Regards standby

  Sheepish 23:39 08 Dec 2007

I downloaded the free PowerPoint viewer on my home PC a year or two ago. From my experience, if I receive an email with a PP attachment and click on the attachment Windows says I don't have the program to open it. However saving the attachment to disc and clicking on it there does open with the viewer.

  standby 14:13 09 Dec 2007


Thanks for the advice. I have the very same problem and have tried to discover the file or program to read the attachments but without success.

I saved the PP attached emails to disk as you suggest but with no luck I'm afraid. Get the same old message that I require the necessary folder to open the email.

Have posted this problem on the Forum previously and help was offered but I just made the problem worse because I am not computer literate I'm afraid.

From your reply this must be fairly common. I have even formatted and clean installed Win XP but with same result.

Thanks again...standby

  Totally-braindead 14:23 09 Dec 2007

Not being funny or anything here guys but is Powerpoint part of Word?
I thought it was a completely seperate program and in order to get it you needed Microsoft Office?

What about Openoffice, which is free. Would that work IE can it open PP files?

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