Microsoft Windows Live *Beta - New MS Technology

  BEN MARSHALL 10:29 09 Dec 2005

Microsoft is testing a new branch of web pages and products off the Microsoft tree, Windows Live Beta is Microsoft's New revelation, with programs like Windows One Care Live beta click here offering active virus protection scanning and a comprehensive firewall plus many backup facilities found in Windows XP Professional.

The Windows Live Beta Generation...

Windows Live offers the following aspects,

Windows Live Mail Beta. click here

Windows Live Messenger 8.0 Beta, which works on a Micrsoft.Net passport system that has all the features of MSN messenger 7.5 and will run along side it and eventually replace it according to Microsoft's Windows Live BLOG spot.

Windows Live Favourites Beta. - Global favourites list accessible anywhere.

Windows Live Beta. - Interactive web page customizable to you click here

Windows Live Local Beta. - This is a rebuild on MS's "Virtual Earth" with new "Birds eye view" images, from my testing it only shows places currently in the USA. click here

Windows Live Beta safety centre - an online utility which tells you what updates you need how to improve your PC, scans for viruses and potential problems, and can also preform maintenance for you such as De-fragmenting your PC. "Protection, Clean Up, Tune Up". click here

Take a look at Windows Live Beta click here

In my opinion Windows Live Beta is one of the best thing MS has done on the web in 2005, showing that they are thinking of their customers, if you go onto a Microsoft site such as click here you will be asked if you want to take part in a productivity quiz, i recommend that you do as you get to tell MS how they can improve their sites, and make them better!

Definition's =

*Beta - Undergoing Testing, this product or web page still has some bugs.

*Beta Tester - Someone certified by the company to test the products, this is you on certain areas of Microsoft's Windows Live areas that do not require a registered .Net passport with MS. Beta to log-in areas on Windows live are for Beta Testers!

  Canis meus id co 16:03 09 Dec 2005

Ah yes, I'mcurrently beta testing Windows Live Mail and already prefer it exponentially to Hotmail.

Not found any bugs or glitches yet, so it's great for me.

  sunny staines 16:14 09 Dec 2005

is there still a problem with the windows one care live beta pc check and norton/macafee products?

or is it just a case of diabling them during any scans?

  wint 09:10 11 Dec 2005

Thanks BEN MARSHALL this is a very interesting development from MS isn't it?

  BEN MARSHALL 13:37 11 Dec 2005

I'm not entirely sure because it is Beta it will have bugs! But one care live, is an advanced firewall and anti-virus designed to replace your current Internet security suite. eventually MS will probably make it compatible with other Internet Security suites, I think on Microsoft One Care live *Beta as an improvement on SP2 in general security not patches. please not one care is a Trial, and you will have to pay and subscribe when trial runs out!

See overview: click here

Ben Marshall

  J B 12:07 12 Dec 2005

I would like to try this out, but I am unsure of one or two things;
1) will it interfere with my current A/V software ie. Norton
2)It says that it is only for the United States, does that make a difference
3) I have Zone Alarm Firewall (free) will it interfere with the way it works
4) I am not worried about the cost when it becomes mainstream, but if you want to uninstall it sometime in the future, will it leave all sorts of tell tale remnents all over the registry.
5) I have already used the online scanner from MS windows live, so is this a relation to One Care or somethind different all together. J.B.

  BEN MARSHALL 17:43 12 Dec 2005

I my self have not tried One care live *Beta yet for various reasons, but you will need to remove any AV and Firewall software other than SP2 otherwise you may experience conflict I expect it to be as good as Microsoft Anti-Spyware for uninstalling so it will be OK I hope,

like I said in the post above yours I'm sure MS will make it available to every one and design it to work along side your current AV & Firewall when it is officially released out of the Beta testing stage.

*Reason Behind My posting of this information- Just thought it was worth anyone interested in Beta Testing MS and new technology taking a look at if i were you i would consider signing up for a windows live mail *Beta account because it is really good and has a friendly interface better than MSN Hotmail and FREE.*

  BEN MARSHALL 17:51 12 Dec 2005

Microsoft Windows Live Beta safety centre Is like one car but more of a tune up and update list with online AV and anti-spy through in

  BEN MARSHALL 18:09 12 Dec 2005
  J B 10:16 13 Dec 2005

BEN MARSHALL; Thanks for the information, will read up on it and make my decision later. It does sound like it is pretty good, but time will tell I guess. By the way, check out click here He has some rather interesting stuff onhis site. J.B.

  BEN MARSHALL 15:25 14 Dec 2005

Thanks J B I will do now.

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