Microsoft phones home

  VCR97 19:57 08 Jun 2006

I don't think that this has already been posted.

click here

  Jackcoms 20:26 08 Jun 2006


"Michaela Alexander, head of anti-piracy at Microsoft UK, told the Reg "First of all this is a pilot - customers have the choice to subscribe or not"".

I beg to differ. For those of us with Automatic Updates turned on, WGA was automatically downloaded to PCs as a critical update. Where's the choice in that?

If you then opt for an Express install the software installs automatically without you actually seeing what it is.

Me thinks that Big Brother (a.k.a. Bill Gates) is amongst us.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:44 08 Jun 2006

So what? If you have genuine windows there will be no problem...meh!

  Jackcoms 21:12 08 Jun 2006

So what?? I would have thought that was obvious.

If your software is genuine (which mine is) why does Windows have to 'phone home EVERY day as intimated in the article?

All it needs is one check by WGA - end of story if it's genuine.

  VoG II 21:21 08 Jun 2006

I don't have any problem with this.

It may be checking whether you have installed an illegal Office, managed to install Windows from the same disk onto another computer and so on.

I'm legal - why should I care. I doubt that it uses much bandwidth.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:31 08 Jun 2006

personally I am more worried that it might rain this weekend...../yawn. MS can phone home as many times as they want on my computer.


  VoG II 21:37 08 Jun 2006

OMG it might rain? Wot about my BBQ :o(

  mole44 22:28 08 Jun 2006

download and install microsoft sunshine v1.02.then your BBQ weather will stay bright and sunny

  Forum Editor 23:29 08 Jun 2006

that anyone would worry about all this for more than a millisecond. I occasionally pass those special police vans which scan your tax disc and check it against the DVLA database - it must have happened a dozen times - yet I don't care, because I have taxed my car.

I've been stopped late at night at a police roadblock, and asked who I was and where I was going, but I didn't worry at all, because I was legitimately going about my business.

I don't flinch when there's a knock at my door, because I have nothing to hide, and no reason to fear a visitor.

In the article which is linked to, Microsoft state quite clearly "The last thing we want is unhappy customers so we are investigating this - but it is a pilot and this is part of the process"

That seems fairly understandable to me. Any company has a perfect right to take action to detect and eliminate the theft of its copyright, there's nothing earth-shaking about it. If there were no software pirates around it wouldn't be necessary to do all this, but there are, and it is. Nobody who has a legal copy of Windows on his/her computer needs to have any concern whatsoever, it's all a big fuss about nothing. My computer can contact a Microsoft server as often as it likes - why should I care?

  terryf 12:17 09 Jun 2006

Any-one worried about a similar check of msoft office should look at the free open office, it definately doesn't 'fone home'

  Forum Editor 00:04 10 Jun 2006

That's because it's free, and therefore it's impossible for anyone to have an illegal copy of it. There's no need for it to phone home.

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