Microsoft Office 2007 ,cheap

  iqs 23:25 14 Feb 2008

Hello.As a student ,I have the opportunity to purchase Microsoft Office 2007 for £38,95.

I all ready have 2003,so is this worth the investment?.


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  Kemistri 23:30 14 Feb 2008

The Ultimate versions is more than just a steal at that price; more like daylight robbery. Grab it while you can.

And in case anyone thinks that this offer is dodgy, it is actually backed by MS. Normally, it would be highly suspect at that price!

  interzone55 08:47 15 Feb 2008

There are some nice features in Office 2007, but there's nothing that would warrant an upgrade at the normal prices.

At £38.95 though it is an absolute steal.

Two points though - the ribbon interface takes a lot of getting used to, and if you're studying database design watch out, because one of the new features of Access 2007 breaks one of Codd's cardinal rules of Normalisation - multiple value fields.

  jaritch 08:58 15 Feb 2008

Go for it. My son who is at Uni got it and I am extremely jealous.

  johnem 09:04 15 Feb 2008

Just installed the Office 2007 Ultimate, all fully legit, registers and activates with no problem. Works fine, just takes a while to get used to. Be aware that Excel will probably adjust some of your spreadsheets for no explainable reason, but once you have made the necessary adjustments, should be fine. it doesn't alter the data, just some of the formatting etc. It is best to only run one version of office as 2007 gets a bit fussy!!! Have fun.

  iqs 09:19 15 Feb 2008

Hi,and thanks for the comments.

One of the options when ordering,is to select either the XP ver or Vista ver.I would of thought, the software could be installed on both OS.

Any ideas.Cheers

  johnem 12:43 15 Feb 2008

Probably something you would need to ask MS about. Ordered the XP version and it works well.

  setecio 22:21 11 Apr 2008

The home version is normally only £80 anyway.

  techie4me 20:11 12 Apr 2008

The price of MS Office has put me off upgrading from Office 2000 & i or anyone in my family are notstudents.
So i have opted for a rival to MS Office & it's FREE!!
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  MAT ALAN 23:03 12 Apr 2008

click here

SO which ultimatesteal is this then!!!

  MAT ALAN 23:33 12 Apr 2008

further studies suggest they are the same, both sites are linked, have to say at first glance one looked like a ringer, that does not seem to be the case...

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