Microsoft a good thing?

  rickimalone 11:27 05 Jul 2004

After reading an article slamming Microsoft's Internet explorer, on skynews website, and the usual and it's general dominance on the computer industry I asked myself is it a good thing?

I personally think that the Microsoft age is a good thing for me, and I give the following reasons:

For me up until the last year or two PC's have been an advanced world far away from me something other than word-processing was well out of my capability but since finishing University i've become able to build my first PC.

but would I have been able to do this without Microsoft's dominance? 99.9% of all the computers I come into contact with are windows based, with office and internet explorer and media player alike.

Through out my time at university once you got could with one computer you were could with all computers, everything was compatible and every PC was preety much like using you own, everything kept to a minimum of fuss.

Now would life be this simple if Microsoft was just one of many suppliers trading equally in the industry?

:Many different operating systems?

:Different gargon and office programs?

:Compatibility issue's?

Would life be as easy and as connected as it is for me today? if someone need's work from me be it world files, excel or media based files I have no doubt that when I send it the person will have a 99.9% positive chance of compatability of being able to run it.

Another point is would the home PC market be as big? would the average joe be able to live with the complex decision of which operating system to go with? and make educated deiscions regarding compatbility without being put off completely?

I know for more experienced user's you view's will be different, but why? and what do you think about what my views regarding MS?

  safemode 12:05 05 Jul 2004

well said.

bring on the linux fans...

  dth 12:41 05 Jul 2004

they used to say the same thing in the East Germany......

  rickimalone 14:07 05 Jul 2004

Possibly a look to deep into the subject, but also maybe a suggestion of a degree of frustration of some that Microsoft is in a way thrusted on to them with no real viable alternative.

So who is the cause of this? surely markets are un-able to be sustained if it's not what the consumer want? or is the PC market different?

What is the major factor?

is it the mass of dixons and comet computers buyer's who want peace of mind with compatibility and knowedge that the computer at home will be ok for there youngest at school and older at college, free of any conflict to their learning and safe in knowledge that the computer will be as compaitble and easy to use as their neighbours? in this case Microsoft is simply identifying the needs and wants of it's customers and taking the headache of computer buying?

Or is it the highly computer literate and advanced user's that are being oppressed and dictated to buy the great satan him-self Bill Gates who rakes in billions why denying the a truly free and expressive competitive computer market? so if this be so would the hardcore and advance user be able to sustain the computer industry with their purchases and possibly fill a void left by a theorectical loss of many basic joe users?

Is it really that deep? or is Bill just answering the call's from mainstream computers user's and possibly Chip manafactures and mainstream software developers alike?

  961 14:26 05 Jul 2004

Although I frequently complain about the way the Microsoft company treats its legitimate customers I owe a great debt to Bill Gates

As a totally computer illiterate his software enabled me to learn how to work computers and, later, how to build them and repair them. That's without any formal lesson from anybody

Who else can claim to have done that? And, he must have enabled millions of others to do just the same

So I admire him and thank him for what he has done for me

  dth 16:01 05 Jul 2004

Oh well a proper post then.

MS have certainly helped spread knowledge of P/Cs throughout. The problem is that in doing this the firm has become a monopoly. The classic signs of monopoly abuse being trying to block competitor products and over-charging.

The only real answer is to break up the firm along the lines of Standard Oil in 1911.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:36 05 Jul 2004

Microsoft is not a monopoly as there are other systems to choose from...howevr it is the easiest and best system for the vast majority of users. The only reason Microsoft is a 'monopoly' is that there is nothing that comes near it for ease of use. Simple as that really. Build a better system and people will beat a path to your door.


  Scotsman 17:13 05 Jul 2004

Microsoft is a monopoly because from the very early days of pc's they and IBM and Intel worked hand-in-glove to ensure that they controlled the industry. Try ordering any make of pc without a Windows OS pre-installed. Try telling the supplier that you are buying the pc with the intention of using it with Linux or whatever. None of them will agree to dispatch the pc without Windows.

If MS didn't have that monopoly they wouldn't have got away with things like releasing new versions of Windows knowing them to be full of unresolved problems - Win98's disastrous release being the worst example. Furthermore, they wouldn't have got away with replacing Win98 with Win98SE and getting people to pay for the privilege of upgrading!

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