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  Djohn 22:32 30 Apr 2003

This morning I went to install My O/S after format of drive. I placed Win. XP Pro upgrade in the drive, and then 98se as the qualifying disk. Disk would not read due to damage so the install stopped.

No problem, I thought, I will ring Microsoft and see if it’s possible for them to send another CD, but after reading of other peoples problems concerning similar issues, I didn’t hold much faith in receiving an helpful response, especially when they told me my 98se CD was OEM!

One of the technicians tried to help by talking me through one or two methods of making a copy of the O/S, and also an attempt to transfer cab files to H/Drive and install from there. Non of these worked.

After a couple more phone calls back to Microsoft I was told not to worry, they would send me a new 98se disk free of charge. I left my phone number and address, and was told that someone would also give me a call shortly.

Some fifteen minutes later I received a call from the Customer relations dept. confirming that a CD would be in the post to me today. While talking to the representative he then said, “To save you waiting for the CD to arrive I will give you a new Product key now, and you can then use your upgrade version of XP Pro. As a full version, cutting out the need for the 98se disk, but that will still be sent to you.

We talked for a little longer, then his next statement nearly made me fall off my chair.

We had been discussing the work I do for Age concern, and that I was to help out in the sheltered housing (Where I live), with the teaching of Computers and M/S software. “Which software do you use yourself” and I replied, “Works Suite 2003” but would be trying to help out with Office XP.

“Ok then, because of the problem you have had and the several calls to us, I will also send you a complementary copy of Office XP!
I could not believe what he had just said to me, and I asked if he would repeat what he had said.

“Yes sir, Because of your problems with our software, I will send you a free copy of the retail version, Office XP”.

So after a phone call to ask if it would be possible to replace a damaged 98se CD , Microsoft Gave me a new product key to make an upgrade version of Win. XP Pro. Into a full version, and a fresh 98se Disk in the post, and then a complementary copy of retail version, Office XP.

I have received excellent service from suppliers in the past, “Canon being one of them”, But this has to be the best “Customer service ever” and from Microsoft as well, a company that does at times receive poor press. J.

  PINKNOSE 22:45 30 Apr 2003

Well.....whats else can be said....outstanding nice to see a massive company give something back to the people who made MICROSOFT what it is today.

  Peter E 22:55 30 Apr 2003

Excellent news, Djohn! Good one Microsoft! Now don't forget to do the lottery on Saturday whilst your luck is in.

  Forum Editor 23:53 30 Apr 2003

Microsoft's customer relations were, to put it mildly, abysmally poor. Whenever I contacted the company for help or information (which I do quite often on behalf of clients) It felt as if I was talking to an inflexible machine - no warmth or humanity in sight. I complained about it on more than one occasion, as I believe did many others.

Then there appeared to be a sea change in attitude. It happened slowly at first, but it has gained pace, and my recent contacts with the company have been a sheer pleasure. I have received help that goes above and beyond what I could have reasonably expected, and on one occasion a help desk person stayed at her desk for half an hour after she should have gone home - just to try (successfully in the end) to work through a particularly tricky MS Office problem with me.

Calls to the help desk are invariably followed up now - you get a call back within a day or so, asking if things are OK - and I have nothing but praise for the way that the company has set about tackling what was a major problem.

I'm delighted to hear confirmation that other people are getting the same treatment.

  spuds 00:03 01 May 2003

About a month ago, I had reason to contact Microsoft. Similar story as above. "Yes Sir- No problem. We will post the item today, with our complements". And they did. Just great service.

  961 16:57 01 May 2003

Having berated Microsoft regarding its policy with regard to those who buy windows pre installed on new computers I have to say that on the occasions I have had cause to telephone them they have invariably been helpful and courteous.

I just wish they wouldn't treat purchasers of their software as potential pirates

  Djohn 10:41 02 May 2003

To my first post. Microsoft phoned me twice yesterday, (Thurs.) to see if I had installed XP Pro. with the new key, and to check that everything was ok.

This morning Office XP Professional arrived by special delivery, and approx. one hour later I again receved a call from Microsoft checking that it had arrived, and if I needed any help with the program, then just give them a call!

I really don't know what else to say, I have sent them a letter of thanks and will say so again in the forum.

Microsoft, Thank you, for your help and support, the time spent in helping me over the phone, your returned calls, and your very generous gift.

  Tenner 11:05 02 May 2003

Makes you feel all is right with the World ! How refreshing to read such +ve news,



  barrie_g 19:24 02 May 2003

Nice to know that when you pay as much for their software that at least its worth it, when, or if it goes wrong that you have this level of support waiting for you.

  VoG™ 19:25 02 May 2003

Excellent - I hope that you enjoy your new Office suite. You know where to come if you have questions!

  « Ravin » 19:48 02 May 2003

this is really wonderful to hear!

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