Microsoft being sued over pricing

  barrie_g 13:33 15 Apr 2003

if this works out ok Micro$oft software may be coming down in price, though god knows how long it will take click here for the full story.

  AMD 4 ever 14:55 15 Apr 2003

About time...You wouldn't mind them realiing a new OS every 2-3 years if the price was more affordable, and was an incentive to upgrade.

  anchor 20:26 15 Apr 2003

I will believe it when I see it!!.

  wee eddie 22:16 16 Apr 2003

I really object paying for MS's offerings, but I do. MS will only need to bring their prices down when they start loosing sufficient business to other software products to start affecting their profits.

I don't see that happening for quite a while, even if they are taken to court.

  darknebula 22:25 16 Apr 2003

Personally all of Microsofts OS's are **** and I definitely will not be getting Longhorn when it comes out in 2004-5.

Their OS's are overpriced junk, if the likes of Linux could run all my software then I would say goodbye to mr gates and his pile of crap, but alas, some software works with linux and some doesn't.

Has anyone noticed also that little bug with IE6 now that they've updated hotmail that to get it to log you on you have to use the cmd command from run to correct the cookies function.

What a joke.

  Stuartli 22:38 16 Apr 2003

Oh come on fellas! Surely Bill Gates is entitled to continue to live in the style to which he has become accustomed?

How otherwise could he afford the council tax on his little place in Seattle?

  mcullum_DX4Life 22:41 16 Apr 2003

You have just screwed up your entire point about Windows being crap im afraid mate - it has the most compatability of any OS. You go and get your linux for free and i hope you have fun trying to get everything you need to run with them.

I use linux in work every day and it is absolutely no way any good for the average home user. Windows 2000 Pro is the best OS i have ever used by far, and i will agree that although essentially the same core and kernal, XP is not quite as good. And if you are talking about the version of Longhorn that is floating around at the moment, then you have to realise it is not much more than XP but with a few "early" signs of development towards Longhorn.

So before you ramble on about Microsoft OS's being ****, then please assess the oposition first, in which case the oposition is Linux (MacOS is RISC im afraid) and as you say it is basically **** for reliability.

Linux for hom users? - How many people do you know have servers in thier homes :-D

  mcullum_DX4Life 22:43 16 Apr 2003

I meant compatability - all these abilities i have and i cudnt even get that right lol!

  Forum Editor 00:08 17 Apr 2003

But it can't can it? Which is why you are using Windows - which can.

If I had a pound for every time I've heard someone calling Microsoft operating systems 'junk' I would be almost as rich as Bill Gates. And yet the very people who make those remarks invariably turn out to be using Windows, because it does what they need it to do.

Which is why Bill Gates has all that money - he produces something we all need.

Let's not have thread full of anti-Microsoft rants please, we've heard it all before.

  monkeyshine 00:18 17 Apr 2003

Wonder why we've heard it all before ?

  mcullum_DX4Life 03:13 17 Apr 2003

I totally agree!

I do agree that Microsoft charge very high prices but they also produce some of the best software and have some of the best support in the world.

Years upon years of development goes into each version of Windows or Office etc and they do have to pay a lot of money themselves, they probably do not make as much money per unit sold as you may think. But the fact that so many people buy their products yeilds better returns after say a year or so.

Dont knock what you cant do without.

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