Microland Technology Refund

  Inion 18:12 05 Oct 2004


I've noticed here that people have had similar problems. I'll try and keep mine short and simple.

Basically, I ordered a wrong component(Processor). Phoned up Microland Technology, asked if I could return the product and get a refund, customers services rep said thats fine just follow the returns procedure that was supplied with the box and that you MAY get charged a restocking fee seeing that the box was opened that contained the processor.

I replied and said that I never had a returns procedure sent with it, just a little slip that had a little information about the product ordered and quantity etc... and at the bottom some small writing about returning it. I presumed this was the returns procedure.

So I sent the processor back using next day special delivery and for reasons stated(Has expired the 7 Day Validity period) I recieved the processor back a couple days later.

Now, I was totally aware of the 7 day rule and managed to get it delivered to them within 7 days.

According to trading standards, for who I phoned, they explained that the 7 Day expiry or validity does not include bank holidays or weekends. So I was well within, even without the weekend and holiday I still got it there within 7 days. I have proof of all this from the proof of delivery slips and reciepts etc...

Now, before getting the necessary papers from the courts for the small claims procedure, I would like to know if PC Advisor can help and resolve this with the company rep who apparently posts on this board.

Oh and I've sent a letter to the MD via Special Delivery and have had no response at all.

I've been very patient so far and would like to get it resolved asap. Before Christmas!!

  Forum Editor 18:27 05 Oct 2004

inform the company in writing of your intention to return the processor? A verbal notice doesn't comply with the relevant legislation.

2. Was the processor unused, and still in its original packing?

3. Can you give us a timeline - dates on which these calls happened, and the date on which you sent the special delivery letter?

Microland must not charge you a restocking fee, provided a) you notified them within the 7 day period (that's 7 days starting the day after delivery by the way). b) The item is in its original packing and is unused. c) You notified them in writing.

You say you received the processor back when you sent it to Microland - presumably because you hadn't obtained a returns number?

  Inion 19:15 05 Oct 2004


1. No, I rang them on the 1/09/04 to ask about returning the item, as I had no clear instructions on returning the item anyway. All I had to go by was the small writing on the invoice about following the returns procedure.

Quote from invoice:

"..Returns must follow our returns procedure.." and "..All items must be returned complete as sold with the box, cables.. etc.."

2. It was unused and still in the original packaging, however I did open it. Cust rep, explained that I can still return it and MAYBE I will get charged a restocking fee because of this.

3. The letter was dated the 20/9/04 and sent the following day(21/9/03).

a) Yes, via phone on the 1/9/04(I can double check this with my phone records just in case im wrong)

c) No, I realise now that I did not have a proper returns procedure sent with the parcel explaining this.

I only recieved the processor back because on the slip they had written "Unable to process due to 7 day validity period being expired"

  spuds 23:00 05 Oct 2004

Did trading standards give you advice and further guidance!.

Here's their help and advice documents click here

  Inion 17:42 06 Oct 2004

I've done what was more or less asked but I'm just hoping to resolve this before the court procedures.

  Inion 10:14 07 Oct 2004

I take it that even though I never informed them about cancelling by writing that im not at all entitled to a refund?

Even though the guy on the phone said it'll be fine to send it back as it is. Also that I also never had a copy of the returns procedure sent?

In other words I never had a clue about informing them in writing I basically followed what it said on this page of the website click here

I done everything asked.

  Inion 10:21 07 Oct 2004

In actual fact I did inform them in writing about requesting the refund, it was all written on the delivery note that i sent back with the parcel.

  Forum Editor 18:07 07 Oct 2004

you must inform the supplier in writing if you intend to return an item as unwanted within the 7 day period.

The fact that you were told to 'follow the returns procedure' helps, because it starts an audit trail as it were - if I understand you correctly you also told the company that you had no written information about their returns procedure, what did they say in reply? You don't mention that - you just say you returned the item.

I think this could go round and round - the fact is that you don't want the processor and the company seem to be denying that you informed them of the return in the proper way.

To save time I've contacted Microland on your behalf - I'm not promising anything, but let's see what happens.

  Inion 19:03 07 Oct 2004

The reply they gave me when I had mentioned about not having a proper written returns procedure is a very simplistic "Oh, are you sure? You should have it in the box" I replied, "All I have is a little note/receipt slip which says something about delivery" he seemed to agree with that, and so I said "it'll be ok to return the item using that return procedure" he said "Yes, sure that'll be fine"

That's basically it. Of course the above mentioned was not the proper mentioned returns procedure that I should of had.

Thanks for getting in contact for me, I hope they can see that I was misinformed about the returns procedure from the customer rep.

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