Microland Technology - Problem.

  davidcastro 19:12 01 Sep 2004

I am writing you in regards to Microland Technology. I placed an order with them on the 4/08/04. They didn’t deliver it by the 9th as promised because they needed 4 days to dispatch (not what it was stated on their website) they promise once again that I would get my order the next day the 10th. After trying to call them several times, to confirm the delivery, they tell me that there is a problem with the graphics card so they can not delivered that day. Well, I said, that is fair but I want to cancel, I’m not happy with the services. I got a verbal confirmation that the cancellation was on the 10th. To make things more formal I send an email and a fax to confirm the cancellation and that the money be credited to my account the next day. After a week I get a letter responding to my fax saying that they will try to solve my queries with in 14 working days by post. After 5 of those working days I received an email saying that the cancellation was done on the 11th (not what they told me the first time) and that they have up 28 days to refund my money. My problem is that I paid with a debit card, and after reading so many forums I’m quite worried that I will not get my money after does 28 days. I asked them for a confirmation letter (advised by my bank) with the amount and debit card number and the date of the refund on the 11th of August. But I haven’t heard from them. They do not answer any of my emails and I’ve already wasted £25 in phone calls. As suggested by my local Trading Standard branch I’ll be writing them once again to confirm the refund date. My question is: Is there anything that PC Advisor can help me out with? I know that the 28 days are not gone yet but after reading so many reviews I’m really concerned about getting my money back. I’ll be more than grateful for any advice or help. Thanks you very much Regards, A PC Advisor reader, David Castro-Gavino

  Grendle 19:36 01 Sep 2004


If you search this forum you will find that you are far from alone

Microland are supposedly monitoring this forum and you can e-mail them at [email protected]. Some have had some success with that e-mail address although in my case 2 weeks ago they told me that had responded by post which seems to be another of their lies as I have not received anything.

In addition you may wish to phone Stockport Trading Standards who seem to be handling several complaints about the company based on comments on this and other forums

  spuds 19:45 01 Sep 2004

Cannot say that you are wiser after the event, because there as been a large amount of information about Microland. The problem with the graphics cards is well known, and many people have been inconvenienced by the problem.

Paying by debit card is a definate no-no, and it is often stated via this forum the amount of problems that and possibly will occure if payment is make via this means.Best to use a credit card or free interest computer finance loan [if possible].

Microland have a presence in this forum, and there is a special email address [email protected] which you could use,if you wish to make a more formal contact.

  gabriella 22:39 01 Sep 2004
  davidcastro 08:16 02 Sep 2004

Hello guys,
So far I've contacted the Stockport Trading Standards office to report the issue. Also recommended by the Kingston Trading Standards Office I'll be writing them with the Time of the essence. Just a reminder that they are bound with me in a contract that if by the 28th day the money is not in my account I can then go through with a claim.
Any way I hope this will end with a happy face :)

Once again thanks you


  Baz63 12:04 04 Sep 2004

I have had the same problem. I ordered a sapphire x800xt graphics card. They claimed they had several in stock. It turned out this clainm was a misrepresentation. They did not have it in stock but they debited my credit card anyway. £359. A company can earn a fortune peddling phantom goods, falsely representing they are in stock, and earning interest on the monies debited. Very clever.

For more info check out:
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