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  gabriella 22:56 07 Jun 2004


Despite emailing PC Advisor in relation to significant problems with this company (taking money immediately upon delivery, people not getting goods/goods defective) I have not had a response. Check out big PC magazine forums for similar stories. I say AVOID this company at all costs and PLEASE will the mags (including PC Advisor) that give this company brilliant reviews listen to us customers. I am owed £800 and am not alone. Don't give them the reviews until they deliver what they say they can.

Kind regards


  hugh-265156 02:07 08 Jun 2004

can you explain your is problem please?

how were your goods defective etc?

i have heard good things about microland but like most company's you may be in the small percentage that has problems with the goods.

  Ollieole 08:47 08 Jun 2004

I don't think it's a small percentage with this company. There seems to be a lot of people unhappy with them at the moment

  gabriella 18:46 08 Jun 2004

All I can say is read the message forums at the likes of PC Advisor and PC Review and make your own mind up. The main problem - they take your money and you are lucky if you see your goods. Their credit rating is poor/suspended (see message by Octimon PC Review forum 14 and 26 May).

As for small percentgae, I agre with the last writer - this company is a complete disaster and I suspect hs grown too big to cope. Trading Standards (Stockport) are onto them and BBC Watchdog have had a number of postings from very unhappy customers.

All I can say is that people choose where to spend their money but genuinely I wish I had known what I know now b4 parting with my money.


  bremner 19:07 08 Jun 2004

Whilst I am not doubting that you have had a bad time, as Huggy71 says how can we make a reasoned judgement unless you provide specifics.

  gabriella 19:34 08 Jun 2004


A short summary - goods ordered early April and Visa debited same date £800. No goods have ever appeared. I have attempted to contact them on numerous occasions - 1+ hours on phone queue, pretty clueless sales staff when and if you can get through. Emails - never responded to - unless you count a completely useless computer generated email as a response. On 11 May they promised me my money back on the basis of failure to deliver to contract. Guess what?? No money and minus £800.

OK, you may say that the company will always have one or two unhappy customers but this goes beyond that. People obvioulsy need to make up their own minds but though the likes of PC Review/Advisor and other forums I have gained the clear impression that things are far from right with them. I can only repeat that I wish I had known this before I placed my order - if I had I would have gone elsewhere straight away. It was on the basis of so many PC mag rave reviews that I decided to go ahead and place my order.

If anyone fancies chancing a few hundred quid, go ahead! As I and others are trying to say is that if we had known what we were getting into, we wouldn't have gone with this absolutely dreadful company!! Better to be safe than sorry? Make up your own minds on the subject...........

Kind regards


  hugh-265156 22:28 08 Jun 2004

oh dear that doesnt sound like good customer service at all.

have you tried contacting your credit card company to recover funds?

  Ollieole 09:06 09 Jun 2004

Ordered PC - credit card debited immediately. E-mail back from them to say can't honour 3 day delivery that I had paid for. So why offer it and take money for it if they can't meet it? Took 3 weeks of ignored e-mails and 40 minute phone calls to get the delivery charge refunded. By that time, computer still not showed despite guarantee of 3 week delivery. More ignored e-mails and phone calls up to an hour on hold to be fobbed off with excuses about can't get hold of such and such despite them being available elsewhere. Cancelled order. Have now got money back but not a pleasant experience. Wish I had never heard of them.

Agree with Gabriella's comment about probably grown too big too quickly to cope. Feel the PC magazines have some responsibility here - if they review and recommend systems they should carry out some checks to ensure a company can meet public demand.

  X-Box 11:30 09 Jun 2004

What a shame.

I got a PC from them 2-years ago which I discussed with their very knowledgable sales staff , was delivered on time and has worked fine ever since.

Mind you the PC the were offering then was of a good spec for the money but not significantly cheaper than anywhere else. I bought from them as they were fairly local to me.

I see that the latest machines reviewed have a touch of the 'too good to be true for the money' about them - rather like Time/Tiny, so I guess that their customer service has also gone the same way.

Oh well I was thinking of buying another PC soon - looks like it won't be from Microland this time.

  -Beb- 13:15 09 Jun 2004

if you look closely at the time and tiny machines you will see that they have ALMOST ALWAYS managed to cut back on something to keep their prices 'too good to be true'. Most of the time (even in their top-end machines) they provide onboard sound, cheap speakers, budget quality dvd drives, budget motherboards, cheap external peripherals and low powered PSU. I won't comment about Tiny's new customer service as I don't know anyone who has had experience with them, but with the old company...

  harps1h 23:25 11 Jun 2004

going back to the original thread, a good point was made by huggyg71. get in touch with your credit card company as they have an equal responsibility to make sure that you either you get the goods you paid for or they credit your account and chase the money themselves. that's why you should always use a c/c to pay for large orders on the net.

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