microland add ons computers after sales stink

  zinc3 17:21 01 Mar 2003

i bought a computer from a microland it was a computer best buy and was a good deal untill i recieved it they had changed both the cd writer and dvd rom.(diffrent make) When i clearly asked for e-mail confirming the machine to be as magazine spec.which they replied it would be. when it arrived they had`nt even changed the burning software as it was locked to the drive i was supposed to have had also the system kept bottling up was told to format and start again 1 week old system with only office added week later power pack went sent replacement 2 weeks later powerpack gone again and a third has come and gone and my computers dead as a dodo.had enough wanted my money back guess what no chance send computer back we will fix it.surly i have rights to a refund as formatting inside aweek shows there setup was bugged 2 cd roms changed from original spec 3 powerpacks later i have no cofindence in the machine next time power gose so could motherboard etc. by the way power pack went on start up each time and i have a surge proctecter any help zinc3 tanx

  obbit 17:30 01 Mar 2003

send pc back to supplier(where you bought it) and ask for a refund. if they refuse go to trading standards. the pc should be fit for the intended use.

  Stalker 18:17 01 Mar 2003

If the power Supply keeps on failing then im sure there has got to be something causing, this get Addons to collect the machine from you and give them a chance to repair it.


  -pops- 18:25 01 Mar 2003

You have legal rights and Microland have no right to alter the law to suit themselves.

You are entitled to a full refund with the goods not being fit for purpose and, as has been said by obbit, go to your Trading Standards Department if Microland don't co-operate.

Do not accept a repair. From what you say the machine is not as ordered nor as they said it would be in their reply to your query. They have not fulfilled their part of the contract.

How did you pay for this machine? If by credit card, tell your card company what the situation is. They can be very helpful in cases like this.


  IZZY 18:37 01 Mar 2003


If the machine is not fit for the purpose...i.e., in working order do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ACCEPT A REPAIR. That will negate any possibilty of rejecting it at a later date if thing are not right. Insist on a replacement TO THE SPECIFICATION under which you purchased the machine or a full refund of your purchase price.

If, as you say, you bought the machine from a magazine spec. contact the publishers of the magazine and inform them of the alterations to the spec. They, the magazines, take this pretty seriously and will usually take it up with the mfrs.

There is a lot of info. and better qualified advice than I can give you on this site about your very problem and a search though some of the posting will put you on the right track.

Best of luck,


  cheapskate2k 22:27 01 Mar 2003

Sorry to say it but its getting a bit late now, the longer you leave it the harder its going to get. You should have rejected it as unfit when the first power supply went, you obviously werent happy with it then so you should have seem it as a good excuse.

  bfoc 00:21 02 Mar 2003

Just to say that whilst having accepted repairs can be argued to have ended your 'right' to a replacement, this is not always the case, especially when an item, such as a computer comes with a 'servicing' element.

You could strongly argue that the item was not as described within your order (which they agreed to) but it was 'reasonable' to allow them to put this right. You can also argue that a repeated failure to solve a problem is in itself a reason for a refund, or a new machine.

One route to take is to argue the above points but also to offer them a final chance to fully rectify matters. Once you make that a condition of the repair(s), if they carry out work, than any failure means that you are on very firm legal ground to get a refund. This way, I think, you either get what you paid for or your money back.

Just make sure that you confirm things in writing, and have proof of their receiving it, before they pick up or work on the machine.

If you paid all or part through finance or credit card do involve the relevant company!

  It's Me 20:23 29 Feb 2004

I was thinking of ordering a self configured unit from them. Now I am very doubtful having read about the problems occuring when faults rear their ugly head.
And one is given to wonder why Advisor and Shopper mags recommend their machines so strongly with never a question of doubt on support.
Another discusssion I've just read has also put me off Evesham for the same reasons, so now I'm off to search for info on Mesh.
Just who dare one buy from?

  carolyne 21:58 14 Jul 2004

trying to return faulty goods or even a refund is almost near impossible, these guys only mail u when you are buying, anything goes wrong you wont hear from them again. they dont deserve to be in buisness and they still have my money, only deal with microland if you like to throw money away, i only wish i had read about microland before i went and spent my money with them, im lucky because my credit company can get my money back, but those who order on debit cards are in for a very bad experience if anything goes wrong, they also advertise items are in stock when they are not. BE WARNED

  gabriella 22:58 14 Jul 2004

Again Carolyne

I am with you

BE WARNED FOLKS......PC Advisor, give us your pearly of wisdom here. Perhaps you have some very convinving evidence that this s a bona fide company to deal with...on the other hand...if that had been the case, you would have responded to the various threads months ago I suspect.

We conclude therefore that this company is best avoided unless you fancy a serious mental health episode.

Gabriella x

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