Mr Beaujangles 23:09 11 Aug 2006

Hi, has anyone had experience of dealing with the above company? The reason I ask is that I'm in the market for a new printer and like the spec for the HP 5940. Most prices are around the £60 pound plus mark but this company are offering it at £47.35 inc VAT + £3.95 postage.(Even the mother mag is quoting £70!) Seems a really good price for what you get. Any comments or ideas for an alternative printer that will do all the usual as well as print good photographs?



  Stuartli 00:04 12 Aug 2006

It's a division of Dixons (DSG Group) based in Manchester.

I ordered a 19in AG Neovo TFT monitor (on behalf of my son) online earlier this year late on a Monday night and it was delivered early Wednesday morning:

click here

At that time the monitor was around £185 delivered and had a 12ns response time, rather than the latest and even cheaper version's 8ns; even better was that it included the DVI cable, which can cost up to £20 or more on its own.

  modelflyer 10:26 12 Aug 2006

Used them once about 18 months ago. I ordered a Sharp 17" TFT screen late on a Sunday afternoon and it was delivered the following Tuesday lunchtime. Based on that one experience, I would use them again.

  spuds 10:53 12 Aug 2006

Agree with the other comments. Used them a couple of times on special priced items and would use them again.Delivery within 3 days.

  rickf 10:58 12 Aug 2006

Gd. co. Used them many times w/o probs. Swapped faulty G/C w/o problems over a yr. ago.

  Joe R 13:02 12 Aug 2006

Mr Beaujangles,

used them lots of times over the years, with no problems whatsoever.

  Mr Beaujangles 13:40 12 Aug 2006

Thanks guys - seems to be a good company. Had a look around some of the review sites regarding the printer itself - bit of a mixed bag. Some folks think they are great others wish they'd never heard of them. Main problems seem to be paper foul ups and trouble printing envelopes. The latter isn't really a problem for me but I could see my kids getting messed up with the paper feed problems. Does anyone here have any experience with these printers or can recommend one they use that is really good?



  Joe R 14:08 12 Aug 2006

Mr Beaujangles,

If you don't mind an Epson printer, the one here is the one I use myself. Rapid printing, good quality photo printing, and print direct to cd or dvd.

Also free delivery. click here

  Al94 17:20 12 Aug 2006

Not sure if that's correct Stuartli, DSG took over Micro Warehouse Ltd which as far as I know is an unconnected company.click here and click here

  Mr Beaujangles 18:04 12 Aug 2006

Joe R - that seems quite a good printer - especially for the price. Curry's, Dixon's and PC world all have it for just under £55.00 and the replacement costs for ink cartidges is quite cheap - if they last a reasonable time. Only problem really is the size of the thing - it's a beast! Mrs B wouldn't be too happy with dusting that. Seriously though, I'm limited for space - it's an old HP840c I have at present and one of the reasons I bought that was the small footprint it has - slotted neatly into the printer space on my table.

Any other recommendations folks?


  Stuartli 20:26 12 Aug 2006

Thanks for that - you are correct, but the information I provided about its rapid supply of a 19in monitor still stands.

I HAVE used Micro Direct, but some years ago; it's very near Manchester University and I'd called in on occasions to purchase items for my son who was then on an IT course at Huddersfield.

It was well worth the 30-mile each way trip from my home to obtain what he required at the prices he wanted to pay...:-)

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