Microdirect :(

  lukin 14:09 15 Jun 2004

Sorry but I've got to let off steam!
I sent Microdirect an e-mail enquiring whether the all-in-wonder graphics card I was interested in, came with a remote control. I received a reply the next day from a customer service supervisor, who informed me that, yes, it did contain a remote and dvd software. So I ordered it and guess what - no remote or dvd software.

When I phoned them, I was assured that as they had promised a remote, they would send one out to me.

One and a half weeks later - still no remote. So I phoned again only to be told that the card does NOT come with a remote control, and they haven't got any of my card that does contain one, so I will not be getting one.

I mentioned that they do actually sell the remote wonder seperately, and couldn't they send me one of those - but he told me it doesnt work with my card (although I know it does, and they have them in stock).

If this is customer service then I'm jack the ripper.

Everyone please be very wary of dealing with this company, who seem happy to go against the trades description act.

  Totally-braindead 14:34 15 Jun 2004

If you still have the email print it out and send it to Trading Standards and see what happens.

  lukin 11:57 17 Jun 2004

Thanks Totally-braindead. I wasn't actually going to follow it up - just wanted to let off steam - but I will do that, and I'll keep you all posted.

  That Bloke 16:54 17 Jun 2004

I'd send it in to their Managing Director first and see if that helps.

The chances are that you will get one from them when you do that.

If you don't, then I would send back the product as not fit for purpose / as described and ensure that they pay all postage on it.

  lukin 18:01 17 Jun 2004

Hi That Bloke
I'm afraid I don't know who the managing director is - and if I just send it via customer service, it'll get to the same person I spoke to on the phone.

Do you know how I find out?

  That Bloke 18:22 17 Jun 2004

The easiest way is to just ring them and ask. They should tell you without any problems. You may well also find that they are suddenly interested in helping you as well.

One "trick" I often use is to write to the MD of a company I'm having problems and CC it to the person who is causing the issue. 99% of the time the "problem" person fixes the issue as fast as they can in order to avoid a thunderbolt from above.

  lukin 19:04 17 Jun 2004

Thanks for your help - I will phone them tomorrow

  spuds 19:52 17 Jun 2004

They formed a contract with you, when they [customer service supervisor] replied and stated that a remote would be sent, and was part of the deal. Take Totally-braindead's advice, if you have no satisfaction with your telephone call.

  Zahid 16:52 22 Nov 2004

I purchased the following items from Microdirect, Asus A7N8XE-E Deluxe motherboard, 2 sticks of 512MB Ram by Geil, 120GB Maxtor SATA HDD, Athlon XP2600 Barton Core CPU. Two weeks ago I received a voice post in system start-up stating, "System failed due to CPU overclocking". This absolutely baffled me as I don't overclock any of my default settings in the bios and especially the bus frequencies. So I contacted MD customer services who advised me to send in just the CPU. After testing it and finding no fault they threatened to charge my £11.75. This angered me very much and I told them that they were the ones who told me to just send in the CPU and no other components. Then I received a comforting email from the Technical tester requesting me to send in my Motherboard and Ram for further testing. The tester even informed me that this problem usually occurred with this motherboard and if found faulty it would be replaced free of charge, thus no testing fee. Ahh Relief.

So I then sent them the Motherboard and Ram via special delivery. I attempted to find out the status of the testing today a week later and the advisor told me that the parts had not been sent to the tester yet. So they were just sitting on a desk gathering dust for six days while I have been hitchhiking other people’s computers for two weeks now.

This company is not deserving of its bold and ambitious accreditations that it makes on the sales floor. I have a policy that you will only know what a company is like once you have dealt with its customer services.

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