Micro-filters - Are they delicate?

  wee eddie 11:06 12 Mar 2008

Over the last few years about the only equipment problem that I have had is "Failing Michrofilters"

Are they delicate or is it likely to be the Brand (bt badged) that I am using?

  oresome 11:15 12 Mar 2008

Probably poor manufacture. Although if you're served by an overhead landline it could be picking up spikes from lightning discharges that are stressing the components.

  Dipso 22:36 15 Mar 2008

Depends on the brand usually. I would have thought "BT" branded would be OK but I had a Speedtouch brand one which are also supposed to be OK fail on me.

Try an XF-1e from ADSL Nation, one of the best or even better still a XTE-2005 filtered faceplate from the same place and eliminate the need for more than one filter.

  wee eddie 22:47 15 Mar 2008

I have made a note and will buy one when the 3 Microfilters, I have just bought, bite the dust.

  smokingbeagle 01:25 16 Mar 2008

Dipso, Thanks.

wee eddie, They do make a crunching sound when you step on them.

  wee eddie 06:41 16 Mar 2008

I'm closing the thread.

The question is not really answered, but then there may not be an answer. I somehow expected my last batch to last more than a couple of years or so.

I'll just add another £5.00pa, or so, to my budget for ADSL surfing

  spuds 09:48 16 Mar 2008

This might be helpful, all about certain types click here

Personally on my house system, I use 2 supplied with modem SpeedTouch filters and Ebuyer cheapest. Been on my system now for a number of years, and never had a problem or failure, so I could perhaps suggest that the dearest may not always are the best!.

  Stuartli 13:00 16 Mar 2008

As with any component the quality of the parts plays a key role.

  Dipso 13:14 16 Mar 2008

Who knows whether this is correct or not but I am inclined to disagree from my own experience. As I mentioned earlier I had a Speedtouch which despite working perfectly well on fixed half/one and two Meg was not up dealing with ADSL Max up to 8 Meg.

wee eddie - No disrespect intended but if you are only paying a fiver for them then that might be your problem :)

The one I referred to can be bought from click here cheaper than ADSL Nation themselves. £8.49 delivered doesn't break the bank.

  oresome 17:14 16 Mar 2008

Like spuds, I have never had a failure.

The circuit diagrams as shown on spuds link show that the modem actually connects directly to the BT line and the low pass filter simply prevents higher frequecies getting to and from the phone.

  Stuartli 18:35 16 Mar 2008

There are, IIRC, a couple of different designs at least for microfilters/splitters - one is reckoned to be better than the other.

The only time I've had a problem with one (those that I have come from either Tiscali or TalkTalk) was when the other half, thrashing the carpet with the Sebo vacuum cleaner, caught and turned the front of the microfilter through 90 degrees.

I Sellotaped it up temporarily, but still haven't actually replaced it some 14 months later...:-)

My 25 per cent level of Scottish blood decreeds that if something is working, leave it alone/don't buy a replacement.

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