Micro Direct - any experiences?

  chrishillcoat 14:16 04 Apr 2003

Hi everyone,
I'm hoping to buy system components from MicroDirect as the prices are very competitive. Has anyone else bought from them? Are they reliable etc.?

Chris Hillcoat

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  Biggles no more 15:11 04 Apr 2003

I was interested in buying a new USB HD and the Sunday Times recommended Micro Direct. When I posted a similar question on this site, no one who replied seemed to have used it. Apart from comment that the prices were too high, the reponse was inconclusive.

Would be interested if you have more success than me.

  Abdo 15:35 04 Apr 2003

They are quite good. I last ordered about 1 year ago when they didn't have online buying yet. It was only with telephone orders and they wre great. However, their delivery prices are high (£10 standard then) I donno if they went down. I got the items I received next day and on a SAT.

Hope I was helpful...

Abdo out!

  Pink_Panther2 16:10 04 Apr 2003

I have personal experience of Micro Direct, having specced a PC with the intention of building it myself. They reviewed my specs, made me aware of new products, but suggested that they build the PC for me. The reason was, that they would guarantee the system if they built it, but only the components if I built it. Truthful, honest advice, which I took. They built the system within a couple of days and hey presto! A fantastic system. Build quality was good and the price of the build was negligible, taking into account the peace of mind of the guarantee. That was nearly two years ago, and not a moment's trouble. Technology has moved on, and my next PC will most likely be sourced from them. I have no connection with the company othet than being a satisfied customer

  chrishillcoat 16:25 04 Apr 2003

That's reassuring to know, even though they look pretty reputable - or at least they did until their website went into text-only mode the other day *shrug*

Thanks Abdo and Pink_Panther2.


  Rayuk 17:21 04 Apr 2003

Have dealt with them direct not online, a good few times,had an IBM hard drive go on me and was replaced pretty quick everything else no problem.

  mpg1965 20:46 04 Apr 2003

yeap i deal with them direct and find them pretty good bar the 10% they charge you to take sumat back due to incompatabilities.

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