mfi woes!

  martd77 09:31 13 Jun 2008

Lastoct we ordered a new bedroom suite to be fitted by one of mfis bedroom fitters,at the end of oct the bedroom furniture came and the fitter duly turned up and fitted as per instructed.However two inner wardrobe sets of drawers had the drawer tops missing and some plinth and cornice so they had to be re ordered,each month weve had to ring mficustomer services on an 0871 number! about a deliverydate only to be given "next month the product is out of stock",come january were informed its a discontinued line"!
Its discontinued because the carcass size has changed by 2mm,but our local store told us the fitter will cut the tops to fit.
In april the ,missing bits finally arrived,the fitter was rung by mfi and told us when he was coming but he didnt turn up.
We are back to ringing up continuously trying to get it fitted,we asked for compensation?and were offered a derisible figure of £65!
I think after paying almost £2000 up front since last oct and we still havent got the bedroom we paid for to be offered £65 is a joke,that apparently is their maximum compensation figure!
Will never use them again,

  961 10:53 13 Jun 2008

When ringing, try 0191 5162400. Further numbers (inc 0800...) at click here

Have you talked to Trading Standards?

  martd77 10:56 13 Jun 2008

cheers thats found me an 0800 number that works,
trading standards said they could do very little

  Marko797 11:03 13 Jun 2008

yet again, a breach of the Sales of Goods and Services Act, but others might advise differently.

To my mind, u haven't received the goods which you paid up front for, and it appears you are unlikely to, given the timescales so far, which u mention.

For this to have gone on for as long as it has, is a joke, and it might be fair to say that you should have taken action much earlier than this, so I feel u must accept some responsibility. Sorry.

Why don't u demand the parts be fitted by MFI within an agreed period, or that they come and take the furniture away, and give u a refund of the amount u have paid.

Might cause you some disruption and mess, but at least u can start afresh once u have your money back.

I wouldn't accept the compensation however, as it might suggest (by taking it) that ur happy with the current situation, which is obviously not the case.

Spuds might be your man on this, or indeed FE.

  martd77 11:20 13 Jun 2008

we have received the goods in april as in my post they just cant get their act together to come and fit it!
What was missing was 2drawer tops and some plinth and cornice,the "advisor" had measured up incorrectly for those items.
I take your point about demanding they take it away and a refund but i want it finishing it is nicely done or will be if they finish it

  Marko797 11:29 13 Jun 2008

I admire ur patience. Not much else to add then. Hope it works out ok.

  Arnie 11:43 13 Jun 2008

In the past I bought many items from MFI on a self assembly basis.
With one or two exceptions there was always some items missing or damaged.

A wardrobe system was supplied with an undrilled side panel along with another damaged side panel. Since there is a large MFI store in my town, I simply told the sales rep and he arranged for the items to be sent to me.
They let me keep the old panels which came in handy for another DIY project.

One of MFI’s marketing mistakes was to close down their spare parts depots.
These were an area set aside carrying a stock of replacement items. Any pack item could be replaced if found missing, or exchanged if found damaged.
There was a customer help desk in a seated waiting room. I remember there was generally a queue for service!

As Marko797 said, (sic) "I admire ur patience".

Maybe you should change your log in name to Martyr!

  spuds 12:08 13 Jun 2008

I am surprised that trading standards gave you a response that they couldn't do anything.They are there to provide answers to Consumer Law problems. Normally trading standards have contactable 'dedicated' area representatives to larger companies like MFI, who will pass on complaints at head office level.

In my view, you might have certain options considering that they have a legal contract arrangement with you and themselves. Give them (in writing)a time scale in which you want the work completed, after which, you will then arrange at MFI's cost for the work to be finalised. Ask for a 7 day response to this letter, and make sure it is signed for by MFI (this method might stress that you mean business in the nicest possible way (be amicable), and its not an idle threat). If you have paid by a finance agreement (not personal loan) or credit card (not debit card unless with a Visa arrangement), then go to the finance provider and ask them to act on your behalf under 'Equal Liability' of section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.The finance provider would be as responsible as MFI (Don't be fobbed off, by "nothing to do with us", by the finance provider). You could also write a letter direct to the CEO of MFI,outlining your complaint and the distress that the problem is causing you and perhaps your family. Whether this will achieve anything, you can only but try. MFI went through a very bad period of customer relations a few years back, but I believe a rethink by the owners soon brought complaint levels down considerably.

There are a number of other alternative, but the suggested considerations above, should perhaps provide some form of a solution.

Hope my limited knowledge helps!.

  martd77 12:26 13 Jun 2008

Thank you all,think i should add we paid by debit card so that moneys gone and that the new local store manager(lasted all of 2 weeks) advised when all this is sorted to write to mfi customer complaints detailing everything thats happened and ask for compensetion,he said they wouldnt consider compensation until the job is complete!even though we had been offered £65 in april!
I wouldnt say im patient we have told mfi we would be seeing trading standards or a solicitor but they didnt seem concerned,and the worse thing been our local store has been managerless since december so thats not helped not been able to go and sort anything in person.

  spuds 13:18 13 Jun 2008

If the store is manager-less, then that cannot be true, there as to be a 'responsible person' available in some form or another. More for writing to MFI CEO, and/or talking to trading standards, I would think perhaps!.

  Forum Editor 14:09 13 Jun 2008

is that MFI entered into a contract with you - to supply and fit wardrobes. They haven't complied fully with the terms of the contract, but you have - you've paid them in full.

There's a lesson to be learned here, which is never to make full payment for services until they have been supplied in full. MFI will hve paid the fitter concerned, and there is now absolutely no incentive - either for the company or for the fitter - to complete the unfinished work. Because you've paid you have little real leverage, other thn to write to the company and threten them with an action for damages. Tell them that due to their failure to complete the contract you have suffered considerable inconvenience and have not been able to enjoy the full benefit of the wardrobes for which you have paid. Say that unless they fulfil their contractual obligations within 14 days of your letter you reserve your right to take legal action to seek damages against them.

Make sure you send the letter addressed to the company secretary at their head office, and send it by special delivery, together with full details of your order.

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