MFD's any good at photo quality printing?

  djo 13:42 27 Sep 2005

I want to replace my cronky old epson inkjet and HP scanner in favour of one of these multifunctional devices that does printing and scanning. I would like to be able to occaisionally do photo quality printing - are MFD's capable of this or do I need a dedicated photo printer for this? Are 'cloned' cartridges available for new printer models or is there a long lag time after a model first comes out? Can anyone recommend any? I'm tempted by the HP PSC 1610 as listed in PC Advisor but have only used Epson before.

  jack 14:18 27 Sep 2005

Looks like you will have to download all the Data from the appropriate makers sites and look at the results to make your own comparisons.

One or other of the Epson models uses the same carts as the R series- so presumably the same 'print endgine' is used- but this is guessing - Common sense says dedicated devices give the best results whilst MFD's will do moderatlely well at most things

  [email protected] 14:21 27 Sep 2005

I use HP 1355 all in one known as the 1300 series no problems with photo printing. I chose HP over epson for the quality it gave

  HondaMan 14:51 27 Sep 2005

The problem is that neither the printer or scanner is "best" when compared to the standalone version of either. They are, of necessity a compromise. Additionally, if one bit fails, the whole lot fails, printer, scanner, fax, copier whatever. Do you want to throw away a perfectly good component, say a scanner, just because another bit, say the print-head, has failed.

I had a MFD for many years but now I have separates. Perhaps i am fortunate in having desk-space, but I would only go back to a MFD with the greatest of misgivings.

  pj123 15:56 27 Sep 2005

Agree with HondaMan. The biggest problem with MFDs is if one part fails it all fails. Better to buy separates. Remember the old Music Centres. Had everything, Cassette player, radio, record deck but if one bit failed it all failed.

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