Metronet Pay as you go ADSL, discuss.

  Aspman 12:41 30 Jan 2004

I found a link to this broadband company though a link in a post around here. It looks very tempting. 512kb adsl feed from £10 capped at £23 a month. I'm not a heavy user at home but I do find it a pain when you need to download a 18meg driver that has to go through a download manager (take note Kodak!!).

Connection charge is about £60 and you do need to supply your own router/modem. It is a basic service with no email etc but that suits me.
Using their little caclulator I was coming aout about £4 a month better off than I am with Freeserve dial up.

I was just wondering if any one was/is using this company and would care to pass their comments this was. Good as well as bad.

Kind regards


  Dipso 22:12 30 Jan 2004

Don't know if it was one of my posts you saw earlier as I'm always singing Metronet's praises.

Been with Metronet for 6 months now. I have found the service excellent. They are my second ADSL ISP so I had something to compare them with and they proved to be as good as, if not better, than my first ISP, Virgin.

Support is available by phone on a 0870 number office hours, but they have been known to deal with emails out of hours, even Sundays. Saying that thoug, I have never had cause to contact them about the service.

Like you say, it's a basic service in that you don't get email addresses and web space thrown in but you do get SMTP server access to send mail from any existing accounts you may have. Also, I can still use a couple of old Pay As You Go ISP email addresses to receive mail so you can get around this.

I am not a heavy downloader but am online for 20-25 hours a week and my biggest bill to date was £14. As you say, some dial-ups charge more than this.

I am biased, but to be honest I haven't heard anyone say anything bad about them. If you want to get a feel of what others think, check out their message board on this site click here

Just something to be aware of, the prices you quote are exc. VAT so it's from £11.75 to £28.18 MAX

  Aspman 10:04 31 Jan 2004

Hi Dipso,

I do think it was one of your posts I got the link from.

It was the first time I had heard of a pay as you go adsl. I only really use yahoo mail at home so even SMTP access isn't a big deal for me.

I did notice the prices were ex vat but they still seem very reasonable.

Can I ask what modem / router you are using?

  MichelleC 13:23 31 Jan 2004

I've used them since Nov. My average mthly bill is £14 (instead of circ £28). Support is excellent.

  Dipso 21:32 31 Jan 2004

I use a Thomson Speedtouch 330 USB modem click here for a cheap deal.It was the modem that Virgin recommended for use with their service. However, I had no problems transferring the connection to Metronet. I get average speeds of 477 down / 246 up, which are pretty good.

If you are considering a USB modem, check whether you have a VIA based chipset, as there can be power issues between the two.

I briefly looked into PCI modems, which tend to be cheaper than USB but decided against it as there was more support available for the USB option.

Routers seem to be the preferred hardware but I only have one PC so it wasn't really necessary for me to get one. Routers are a plus security wise as they act as a hardware Firewall but if you have an adequate software Firewall (I use ZoneAlarm) you should be OK.

Your hardware choice really depends on your set up, ie. whether you want to connect a single PC or multiple.

If you think of anything else, just ask.

  Ranger 08:35 01 Feb 2004

I have been with them since the middle of December and have had no problems, so far I have only received one bill and that was £14.65,inc vat, this was for 1.16GB of downloads,during this period I had downloaded quite a lot of music and updates for Windows XP and other software after I did a clean install on 2 systems, unless you are a really heavy downloader (lots of use of Kazza etc.)you'll save money using this service, if not it's still a pretty reasonable charge and i'm sure you probably woudn't have max charges every month.

As for a modem, I have a small network in my house so I bought the modem-router and splitters below from Ebuyer and have not had a single problem with it, the total including delivery and vat was £54.23 (it dosen't have a built in firewall so to speak, but as you can download zonealarm for free, I don't see this as a big problem)

1 x Ebuyer 4 Port ADSL Modem Router 48449 £39.99
2 x Ebuyer ADSL Splitter /Micro Filter 39530 £0.83 £1.66

  Aspman 11:31 02 Feb 2004

Thanks very much for all your replies.

I'm not a user of Kazaa or anything like that. I don't actually use the net much at home (I have 2Mb connection at work) but when I do I find the speed frustrating. It definitely makes the Metronet option very tempting.

Only 1 pc in the house so no need for a router right now.

Hmm time to go check the budget for that installation fee.

Just one more question. For the in-laws this one.

They have a freeserve account, would they be able to pick up their email (as long as they keep the account active) through Metronet and then send through the metronet SNTP? It's their business email address and would be expensive for them to change.

Thanks again.

  Dipso 12:53 02 Feb 2004

I don't have a Freeserve email address but I pick up mails from an old Virgin email address via the Metronet connection (configured and send them by configuring the SMTP server to Metronet ( Virgin require me to log-in every 60 days in order to keep the email active. As far as I'm aware, Freeserve also require a dial-in every so often so I can't see a problem in doing the same with a Freeserve email address.

If you want to know for definite, why don't you pose a question on click here , you can do this without having to register if you prefer.That's unless anyone else on here comes up with the answer of course!

  Aspman 13:04 02 Feb 2004

No I think you have answered it. I did think it would be possible. I pick up my freeserve mail through yahoo which should be no different in principle.

Thank you all for your comments. I think I shall be on the phone to Metronet very soon.

  erkmatrix 15:18 05 Feb 2004

Yes Metronet certainly sounds good, I just don't know if it would be worth my while as some months I maybe go the full capped price and would be better off with plusnet or eclipse, but its certainly tempting and a great alternatice, credit to the company for what I've read on other forums they are highly recommended and have seen no one with a bad word been said and its certainly a market leader in pay as you go, maybe more will start who knows.


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