Messed around by Mesh Computers

  CheCra 10:21 16 May 2007

On the 7th of Feb we ordered online and paid for a £1531.72 computer from Mesh, this arrived on the 27th of Feb. The start button was faulty, the machine was very noise and the Microsoft 2007 Small Business Edition software was missing as well as the TV tuner remote control, the web cam wasn't working. I phoned Mesh 9 times that day to complain. I sent emails telling them of the missing items. There was a Microsoft 2003 trial software, but no product key. I bought this computer for our business. After many letters etc we have a refund of £1328.45,the balance is for items they say I have not returned, namely the Microsoft 2007 software. We are still trying to sort out this problem, any advice, we have contacted Watchdog, Consumer Advice and the Credition society that they claim to have an ISO from, and premium rate numbers for support only make the situation worse.

  The Brigadier 10:23 16 May 2007

Try contacting [email protected] for more help?

  CheCra 10:39 16 May 2007

I emailed Davey on the 9th April with all the details having seen his help on the forum, but have had no reply.

  MESH Support 11:20 16 May 2007

Hi CheCra,

Office 2007 would actually be an empty DVD sized case with a licence inside that would have been sent separate to the main system.

Given that it's literally an empty case with a slip of paper inside, is it possible that you have over looked it?

I cannot access your details with out your order number which I will need you to email me, or easier still, click on my yellow envelope above.


  Spark6 15:58 16 May 2007

That has to be the most expensive case, with a slip of paper inside, that CheCra has ever come across!

  The Brigadier 17:07 16 May 2007

Sadly if you do not return ALL the items that came with your PC then Mesh do have the right to stop part payment to you. Even as it sound all that is missing is a licence on the back of a cd sleeve!

  CheCra 10:56 17 May 2007

That is what is so frustrating to me, I returned everything, down to the last tie for the cables.

  Snec 11:00 17 May 2007

Oh, the joys of buying online!

  MESH Support 11:06 17 May 2007

Hi Spark6,

The slip of paper being the product licence of course. Given that you can download Office 2007 from Microsoft's website, that licence is all you need to unlock the full product.

A very valuable slip of paper indeed.


I've not received any email from you as of yet and my offer remains if you want me to look into the refund in any way for you.


  CheCra 11:53 17 May 2007

Davey have sent you an email with all the details on. Hope you can help.

  CheCra 12:26 17 May 2007

Davey has just let me know that the outstanding refund has been issued. Thanks for everybodies help and advise.

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