Message for FE

  Kalitechnis 17:21 31 Jan 2009

Hi are you at there, FE?

I have just sent you an email putting forward my "escalation" with my monitor manufacturer - following my contact with you a couple of days ago - to which you replied yesterday.

Please could you phone me, or give me your number so I can call you, if you prefer.
I would like to finish the letter to the CEO of the company this evening, if possible, so that I can rest tomorrow.

Many Thanks,


  Kalitechnis 17:23 31 Jan 2009

I'm sorry, that sounds somewhat pushy..

Please, whenever you have time, by email if better for you.


  Forum Editor 17:59 31 Jan 2009

I don't deal with individual complaints via email, or give advice over the phone - that's what the forum is for.

If you have a complaint about a supplier please post details here, in the forum, so we can offer you help and advice. That's the only way in which we work, and it's a very successful way.

  Kalitechnis 19:14 31 Jan 2009

That's fine FE,

I'll leave it for now.

Many thanks anyway.


  tullie 23:12 31 Jan 2009

How about telling us all about it so we can advise?

  Kalitechnis 00:56 01 Feb 2009

Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I didn't expect to get any response from anyone and FE wouldn't talk in private. It's not my forum, he's the boss here, got to submit to some!

Anyway, I'm possibly going to, at some point, but I want to see about some things first, sort out some legal points.
I will do so with pleasure, when it's all over, or before, if I get nowhere, my way.

FE wants me to name names, but I just wanted to have some advice along the way.
In these difficult times for us all, I think it best to take care not to hasten our decline by being negative, hurtfull and unclear.

I bare no ill to the company nor the people who work there,
they're just trying to makes ends meet, as we do.
We'll see when truth outs, either way , or who wins the struggle for power, and we'll all be wiser in the end.

I've "listened" and learnt a lot from the PCA forums over the years, from you folks..
..and if I'm right, I'll give back something at last..
to watch out for, if some are not already aware.

I want to try another approach to see if I can do it myself, though do need a bit of guidance.

I've learnt one thing for sure, tread carefully and not on big toes,
or you'll end up with them on the seat of your pants,
and that could be a pain in the butt for us both,
and has been so far and for too long,
All I would like is just to bring it all to a close!

If I'm right, then yes! These people do need to learn a lesson...
.. that's all for now, folks, it's time for my bed.

Nigh night, all!


PS. I'll check in here in the morning, though I'm going to be very busy, so cannot give much time to talk. I'm trying to get it sorted and get the final word in for Monday morning..action stations!!!

You might however, not hear me for a while as it "escalates" even more..good term they use, up and down, and it works against them as well, if they don't take care who they take on.

Not that I've any real power myself as yet,
I've never done this before, nor needed to.
But I feel it coming on, as the way is shown to find that..power, and...well enough of THAT now.. eh, what?

  Forum Editor 01:36 01 Feb 2009

and as I've said, both via email and in this thread, that's what we're here for. The problem is, we can't offer any advice if we haven't a clue what the problem is.

Tell us what all this is about and we'll try to help - collectively we're pretty good at it. Keep us totally in the dark and you'll achieve nothing, apart from irritating the very people who are prepared to offer their help and advice.

The reason that "FE wouldn't talk in private" is that I don't have the time to deal with individual problems via email or phone. I receive dozens and dozens of requests for personal help by email, and my answer has always been the same - once I started I would rapidly be swamped, and in any case that's not the idea. The advantage of airing these matters in the forum is two-fold:

1. You have the chance to get responses from more than one person, so you can possibly benefit from more than one analysis of your problem.

2. Other visitors to the forum - and there are tens of thousands of them - can benefit from reading about your experience and the solutions that were offered when they might also be in the same situation.

Your fear that if you don't "tread carefully and not on big toes, or you'll end up with them on the seat of your pants" is groundless, if by that you mean that a supplier might somehow be able to seek revenge because of your complaint. It can't and doesn't happen. In the whole of the eight years I've been associated with this forum I have not heard of a single case where a consumer suffered at the hands of a supplier for complaining here.

I hope that your efforts to resolve your problem (whatever it is) are successful. If they aren't you know where to come for help, but be prepared to share some details with us if you want to get anywhere at all.

  tullie 01:44 01 Feb 2009

Late night?

  Kalitechnis 09:08 01 Feb 2009

I made though I had made it clear that I'm not seeking help any more on this forum for now-nor seeking any advice from you or your guests-I'm trying it my way.

I can get help from other sources, I just don't want to name names yet, and want to be sure of what I suspect, which I won't be able to do and get the most vital detail (and proof of my suspicions) till Monday.

Until then, is what I'm saying going against your rules?..if so you only have to close me down, but personally I don't see that I'm doing anything wrong, just yabbering on.

Yours in faith for the future,


  Stuartli 10:35 01 Feb 2009

>>Late night?>>

If you are seemingly not intelligent enough to work out the reason for the FE's measured response, it might be best to avoid making yourself look somewhat foolish with such comments.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:46 01 Feb 2009

I have the strange feeling that the impending conversation between Kalitechnis and 'the monitor manufacturer' might go down in the annals of history/psychology.


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