MESH....whats in store for me!!

  B1nary 19:13 01 Jun 2006

Firstly, ..Apologies F E / Incognito44.. Posted in wrong thread earlier didnt mean to hijack!

I've been a reader of these forums for a while now, and on the whole I've found some postings imformative others funny and can feel sympathy with others... especially on this particular thread,

I recently (4 weeks ago)entered and won a laptop on a London radio show!! they said it was a Mesh Laptop worth a certain amount of £s and thought 'great, lucky me'. so never having a Mesh before decided to come to these forums to 'see' what was being said good or bad,

After reading various posts it appeared that there seemed to be 'disadvantages' to being a mesh owner, but thought nothing of it as I did win it for free (and thats the best price) and it dont happen to everyone... right!!!!

so anyway three weeks later (a week later than stated... should have been a sign) I go and collect my laptop from the Delivery depot, as the delivery co got delivery date wrong and I was not at home to collect..(...thats another story!!) So, here I am like a kid at christmas, unwrap this 17.1 screen with all the bells and whistles (..and did I mention free!) plug it in and turn it on and NOTHING.... nada, zip,!!!! not even a battery light... never mind I thought, It was afterall free!. so I ring customer services and after waiting on hold for 20 mins speak to some one who wants to 'walk me through the setup'!!!!! (is that the setup where if the plug fuse has blown... do this!!... or the one where you take out your screwdriver set and ampmeter and start testing circuits etc) after explaining politely that lack of electrical power passing through the Laptop prevented any walkthrough... what was my next course of action. He explained about the laptop coming back etc etc etc. but I decided to physically take it to Mesh house myself explained situation.. this was 21st may... rang customer services today just for an update (not really expecting anything back after a week..) and 20 mins later spoke to someome who gave me the number for mobile support.. rang them 15 mins later (...after the umpteenth time of hearing how important my call was to them... would it be as important if it was a freefone!!!!) only to be told 'we haven't recieved it here'!!!!!... so another phone call, same malarky again... 17.5 mins wait... important call blah blah blah, and guess what they dont know where it is!!!!!!!!! now I'm not going to get all upset about this... yet.. as it has been only a 9 days!! and I felt I had to share my experience with everyone... like I said earlier.. It don't happen to (nearly) evryone!!

Ill keep you posted

  mattyc_92 19:36 01 Jun 2006

Maybe Davey can help you out...

Oowww Davey.....

  oresome 21:02 01 Jun 2006


Perhaps you could give it back and save yourself some hassle?

  B1nary 21:06 01 Jun 2006

Yeahh probably right Oresome..!!! looks like Im gonna get hassle for free too

can I ask for a refund on a free item?

  donki 21:24 01 Jun 2006

Try there forum at click here u will get a response within 24 hours (I always have). I bought a MESH PC in March and thankfully no problems and have to say its the best PC ive had. Give the forum a go.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:44 01 Jun 2006

Indeed it doesn't, if it did Mesh would have disappeared without trace a long time ago.

  B1nary 09:16 02 Jun 2006

"Indeed it doesn't, if it did Mesh would have disappeared without trace a long time ago"

...theres still time!!!!

  MESH Support 09:24 02 Jun 2006


I can confirm after having spoken to the notebook dept that your laptop has been received and this will be replaced with a new notebook and sent to you next week (wc 5th June).

We apologise for the unfortunate series of events however confident your prize will arrive next week in good working order.

Regards Nick

  B1nary 09:52 02 Jun 2006

Thanks Nick.... appreciate the fast response, look forward to next week then!!

  Hertz Van Rentyl 16:24 02 Jun 2006

Hope the next one works OK.
You would think that they would make sure a prize award would be in working order just for the prestige. (Unless your courier has had a hand in its demise of course)

  B1nary 09:29 08 Jun 2006

....any takers on delivery day...
I'm 100/1 that its not this week....

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