MESH'ed Group of Dissatisfied Users - MEGODUS

  jivebaby 18:11 30 Jun 2003

I'm really disappointed at the so Mesh Service - it mirrors their product perfectly. The problem is that they do not deliver what they have promised, a clear breach of the trades descriptions act.

Should we consider a Messed class action using one of these no win no fee? Comments welcomed...

I have a PC that is as much use as a blowtorch in an ice cream factory - my PC is a virtual basket case and so I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Maybe then the MD MR MAX SHEREFATI and his talented management Team at Mesh will respond to direct communications rather than passing them to MR MALCOLM OREKOYA who then Mesh's things up more by giving the wrong phone number to call on! Well, business as usual.

Here is a full list of the Mesh of the board for those that are interested.

Max Sherafati Managing director
Saeed Sheykh Financial director
Andrzej Bania Marketing Manager
Ramin Rownaghi IT Manager
T Riccardi General Manager

Perhaps we should all start calling them at home as they do not want to face up to their business responsibilities. Their deliquent products ruin our working lives and our social lives so perhaps that would be fair?

Another interesting snip of information...
"ISP Tiscali has signed a one-year exclusive distribution deal with PC builder Mesh Computers to deliver internet access to UK customers. Tiscali's internet access software will be pre-loaded on all Mesh desktops and laptops so customers can sign up to any of Tiscali's broadband and dial-up internet access packages."

Do Tiscali realise how much reputational risk they have taken on with this strategic alliance? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!

The ball is in their court.

  Sir Radfordin 18:21 30 Jun 2003

Just a bit OTT perhaps?!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:58 30 Jun 2003

I would imagine that this is not the best way to accrue friends.


  ray27 19:11 30 Jun 2003

It is obvious ,and I have said this before that you must have some vested interest or have you set yourself up as the champion of Mesh ,I mean you only have to look at your name .
I would not be suprised if your real name is not included in Jivebaby's posting.
All we are trying to do is get some support for something that has cost us a lot of money and is not doing what it was advertised to do.

I have just made contact at last with Mesh via e-mail to report various tones I am getting on boot up, they can be 1,2,3 or as many as 6 they have asked me to discribe the tones which is a bit dificult to do via E-mail
Surly a phone call would have been the more logical way to approach it (I have tried to call them on the telephone but all I get is a voice keep telling me that my call is important to them or I could call back )
Is it any wonder we are frustrated its like trying to slam a swing door

  Sir Radfordin 19:18 30 Jun 2003

Time and time again I have stated I have no involvement with Mesh and have no vested interest. I wish I was in the list of names above as I would have a fair bit more money than I do now.

My title was given by someone who I don't think understood the english culture a while ago and for sarcasm's sake I stuck it on the front of the name. There is a long standing agreement that my name will not change.

If some people put as much effort into postings to this site as they do resolving the problem they may have seen better results!

  Forum Editor 19:24 30 Jun 2003

then post it in a thread like everyone else. State the facts as clearly as possible, and leave out all the talk about phoning people at home, and listing members of the board. We're here to help resolve problems like this, and we've had a fair measure of success in the past.

Try the rational approach, and you might find you're being taken a tad more seriously. This thread doesn't contain a single item of information about your computer problems - it's just a rant.

I suggest that you take another shot at it, and this time give us some facts to go on.

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