MESH.........again :o(

  Tribal-Wolf 09:48 13 Aug 2005

Well my mesh pc is just over a year old and has to go back again..........under the 3 year ON SITE warranty. Problems with graphics card resulted in a guy coming out........fitting a new card which didnt work and then the guy says to me "oh there is a smell of burning" he then refits original card with the intermittent fault and says " think your motherboard is faulty" how proffesional, not a sign of an anti static wrist band in sight either. We will be out later in week with a new graphics card, he said. Later to my horror after he has left I switch on my pc to find that my back up hard drive which I installed after problems with orignal hard drives in first week of purchase has burned out(coincidence...I think not) . So I have lost alot of data.....yes I do back up to dvd but not every day and it was ironic that I hadnt backed up that week :o(.
So I await a return from said repair man who assures me they do all repairs on site now. A couple of days pass and I get a call from mesh asking me to box up pc as it needs to be returned to base. So much for onsite eh.
Now this pc has had a fault from day one and went away fro repair once before.........fault is still present although rarely enough rears its head enough to cause concern..........but I am annoyed that this so called back to base warranty is nothing more than a 'if we can plug it in we'll fix it there' warranty. If it has an itermittent fault I feel they will say 'sorry we cant find a fault and return it. I am an engineer and understand this outlook however. When you pay over 2k for a pc over a year ago you expect better. Lets hope it gets sorted.....I will keep you informed. I have bought several pc's from mesh but I have just bought a laptop and for the first time, I didnt buy Mesh.
PS any feedback from Mesh is appreciated.

  spuds 10:44 13 Aug 2005

If you want a feedback from Mesh and a possible quick response, try [email protected] giving your PCA username and product reference number, date of purchase etc.

  MESH Response 10:58 13 Aug 2005


I am sorry to hear you appear to be having problems with your PC. Having read the series of events however, I would concur with the call from MESH technical, as unfortunate as it is, if a ‘burning smell’ is originating from the PC and it could be motherboard related, the PC is a potential health and safety issue, as such a prompt return to base to undertake a thorough inspection seems like a sensible precaution.

As I am unaware you your specific build, cant really comment further. If you could please leave your name and order number together with reference to your posting hear to [email protected] , we will endeavour to get your PC back to you, in good working condition – promptly.

As a general rule, whilst we attempt to execute an on site (as we have in this case) with all on site warranties, their will be certain exceptions where a return to our extensive repairs facilities will be the most appropriate outcome. In this case, as safety is our main concern, it seems entirely appropriate that the BTB recommendation was suggested.

Kind Regards - MESH Response.

  User-312386 11:09 13 Aug 2005

Now thats an invitation to disaster

Why did you not tell the engineer to put one on?

  Tribal-Wolf 10:19 14 Aug 2005

I couldnt see what he was doing till I walked over.

  Tribal-Wolf 10:28 14 Aug 2005

OK I have sent the details as requested......PC will be collected tomorrow so lets see how it goes.

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