Mesh Yet Again

  Tribal-Wolf 18:44 04 Jan 2007

I had a load of trouble with Mesh recently and thought it was sorted but I guess with the incompetence of its staff it will never be. My pc had 2 x 120gb hard drives fitted when purchased but due to an engineer destroying a spare drive I had during a graphics card swap (he unplugged it while still powered on) they upgraded them to 2 x 200gb drives. as these are configured in raid0 one possibly both have developed a fault and mesh sent me replacement drives but they were 2 x 120 drives. I asked about this and was told they cant give me 2 200's because my machine was not fitted with those drives originally. Surely their warranty with the drive manufacturer means they will recieve like for like so why then cant I?
I dont think this will be resolved and I wont be contacting Mesh again as I cant afford the calls due to the waiting time. I just think this stinks and I will never bother mesh again for a new pc.

  Forum Editor 18:51 04 Jan 2007

I'll see what I can do.

No promises, but I'll try. Your chance of success might have been greater, had you not made the "incompetence of its staff" remark.

Please email me with details of your name and customer reference number - as soon as you can.

  HondaMan 18:52 04 Jan 2007

120GB drives, why should MESH up-grade you for free?

Mesh are not the best in the world, but be fair, you now have what you paid for. Be happy.

  Tribal-Wolf 18:57 04 Jan 2007

They had upgraded me because of an error on there part I lost valuble data....if you read the post.

  Totally-braindead 19:05 04 Jan 2007

I can see your point but the 2 x 200 gig drives were a good will gesture because their engineer caused the damage. Such is not the case now.
I can see why you would get annoyed at them going back to the 120 gig drives after they gave you the 200 gig ones but you did only pay for the 120 gig ones in the first place and I think to call them incompetent is rather strong this being the case.

On a personal note if it happened to me I'd be annoyed as well but since you only paid for the 120 gig drives you can't complain really. I mean they're only putting it back to what it was originally.

  Tribal-Wolf 19:13 04 Jan 2007

Actually I was told originally when I ordered the pc they would be 160gb drives but thats beside the point. Also this pc has just came back from repair and the hard drive fails a few weeks later. It also came back running very hot..........but that would be due to the cpu heatsink only being clipped on at one side I suppose.

  Totally-braindead 19:23 04 Jan 2007

Tribal-Wolf I have every sympathy with you. As I said I too would be annoyed if they did this to me but the fact remains you didn't pay for the 200 gig drives.
You're moving the goal posts a bit, first you come out with "read the post I lost valuable data" which you never mentioned in your posting, now you say its only been a few weeks before the hard drives failed after replacement and also that it was overheating due to the CPU not being fitted correctly. You are also now saying that you were meant to get 160 gig hard drives and got 120 instead.
Email the FE and let him see what he can do.

  Tribal-Wolf 19:24 04 Jan 2007

I am......its an ongoing saga from the moment I got this PC hence me being annoyed.

  season8 19:42 04 Jan 2007

Mesh seem to have a thing of getting bad PR of forums. Their customer care service surely could do with a much needed cash injection. Bad PR time & time again is not good for any company.

  Forum Editor 00:37 05 Jan 2007

You're pre-judging this, and it would be as well to remember that you've just heard one side of the story. I'm not suggesting for one moment that Tribal-Wolf has embroidered the truth, but he's a Mesh customer, and Mesh will take whatever action they see fit - or not.

  K_elt 06:53 05 Jan 2007

I think Tribal-Wolf is justified in feeling miffed. While I agree his comments on staff competence may not be particularly helpful while trying to get a problem resolved, he was given something to compensate him for an action by Mesh staff. I feel that Mesh have accepted their responsibility and acted accordingly, and increased the base specs by doing so. As such any continuing cover should be based on that new baseline.

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