Mesh XP cd and Lack of Phone support

  PSF 21:17 28 Sep 2004


Will you be sending out the restore cd to all recent customers?

I was setting up a new Mesh pc yesterday for a friend and the system started asking for a password. I had not put any passwords at all on the system. The pc would lock up just before the login screen. I could not even access the pc in safe mode, which is well hidden and difficult to access. Safe mode is normally F8. It took several attempts to get the timing right. When I did manage to get into safe mode it was still asking for a password.

I could not use the F10 recovery option as the pc which had XP home installed started with XP Professional at one stage??? When I tried to recover using either option repair or reinstall to factory settings it would stop saying invalid operating system call customer support. I tried to ring your support line and was waiting for over 25 minutes, at 5.34 the line cut off. The support had closed.

The last resort was to format and re-install the system and XPSP2, which works well now. As others have said it is still XPSP1 on the XP cd and not XPSP2, is this why there was a conflict with the recovery program.

The other problem is you do not supply the motherboard cd. As this system has on-board lan the drivers are included with the Nvidia Unified driver. XP does not have these drivers, and so there was no lan,sound,or usb support. I was able to download the Nforce drivers on my pc and install them.

As there were no drivers for the Lan anyone else re-installing will not be able to access the net via the lan card to download the drivers. Someone with no access to another pc would be stuck in this situation.

I have posted this here due to being unable to get through on the telephone.
My other pc is a Mesh pc which is over three years old and still running well.
I find that Mesh use good branded components and not cheap and unbranded like some companies. You also provide the XP cd,albeit the old version, some companies charge for it.
I have recently recommended 4 people about Mesh pc’s and they have all bought pc’s from you. I am also looking at the moment, but with this lack of support I am not sure now....

With a lot of people working during the day it is not possible to ring and be beside their pc. When they get home your support line is closed. Would it not make more sense to extend the telephone support later in the evening? I see you have online support, but if you cannot get online!

  MESH Support 09:50 29 Sep 2004

The password query is surprising as we do not set up an account on the system, let alone a password. The account is generated during first boot up during what we refer to as OOBE or "Out Of Box Experience".

Our Mesh CD did not have SP1 on it at all, just the original release. There were several issues with integrating SP1 with an OEM pre-installation kit that only recently were resolved. By this time we were advised by Microsoft to hold fire as SP2 was due and there would be little point running off several thousand discs with SP1 on it.

As soon as we received the solution from Microsoft we did create our own Windows XP + SP1 installation CD and when it was needed we would duplicate it in-house and send it out. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to put our blue cd face onto the CD's and so those were sent out looking as home burnt discs would. A similiar situation exists for those discs with the SATA drivers added.

The reason we do not have SP2 on discs yet is due to the problems experienced as most people have probably seen. Once comitted to a master and mass duplication, any problems unresolved will be included on every disc, so I hope people will understand why we have held back on this one.

The good news is that the major problems have been dealt with and we are now just waiting for the new XP + SP2 to come back from the duplicators.

We stopped supplying various drivers CDs with our systems sometime ago when certain manufacturers stopped supplying them to OEMs. At that time we started gathering the drivers required and placing them in a folder on the hard drive (C:\DRIVERS). This folder also contains the latest service pack. Many may not automatically know about this so we also changed the quick reference sheet that is supplied with the machine to include a very clear notice regarding backing up this directory to disc as soon as possible.

Regarding our opening hours unfortunately there are no plans to offer an out of hours telephone service for hardware support at this time, sorry.

I hope this information helps answer the questions you have posed. Regarding any outstanding issues, if you are able to do so, please email me the serial number of the system along with your screen name (PSF) and details of when we can call you/your friend. I will have an engineer contact you/your friend as soon as possible.


Mesh Support

  PSF 22:59 30 Sep 2004

Thanks for your reply, sorry I did not reply as I have been working away from home for a couple of days.

The problem with XPSP2 was not much of a problem as I had a couple of XPSP2 update cd's.

One of the concerns was the fact using the F10 recovery option and seeing XP Professional and the message operating system not valid. The system could not be restored using any of the options. I noticed that there is a hidden partion of about 3gig does that have Xp professional installed on it? Is it a mistake or compatibility problem with XPSP2.

As this was a new system formatting the drive did not cause any loss of programs, documents etc which would have been there on an established system.

The OEM's may not supply a driver cd, could you not supply a general driver cd with reference drivers from Nvidia and ATI. This would help people with dial up connections. The latest ATI drivers are now 40MB!

Another option is you could add a small partion just for drivers.

  PSF 16:26 05 Oct 2004


  MESH Support 16:43 05 Oct 2004

Sorry, I'm not sure how I missed this one.

The hidden partition does contain an image of the Windows XP installation as you received it.

We don't supply a general CD because to provide drivers that aren't needed for the system would be a potential invitation for those with less knowledge (no offence intended) to try to install them. This would lead to creation of a problem that they may not have had in the first place. This has been proven in the past no matter how many different places we state they are not to be used without our guidence.

That is why we do not have a generic driver CD, and to create one specific to your system would involve creating a CD for each machine we produce.

The closest we can get is to create a directory on the hard drive with a backup of the drivers used. Finally on the Welcome sheet which should be the first thing you see when you open the box the system is delivered in, it has an important information box advising you to back up this directory as soon as possible.

It was a big decision to add the recovery partition. We wouldn't want to create another partition for the drivers where the C:\Drivers directory would suffice.

Hope this covers all your queries. If not feel free to post again and I'll make sure this time I don't miss it :)


Mesh Support

  PSF 17:01 05 Oct 2004

Thank you for your quick response.

I do see your point about supplying generic drivers for all systems. Some people would try loading all sorts if they did not know what they are doing. Also if they install without removing the old drivers that can also cause conflicts.( how many times have you seen that on this forum??)

As you use a lot of motherboards could you not ask the supplier to provide the driver cd. You should should have some say in it due to the amount of boards you purchase from them.

Thanks again.

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