Mesh will not fix my Laptop

  FRCS 12:49 07 Oct 2006

I bought a Laptop from Mesh Computers 4 weeks ago, it was delivered on time, but when turning it on for the first time found it did not have an Operating System like Windows on it. I have sent 11 emails and written 2 letters to the Mesh Computers HQ address without a reply. I have phoned up 5 times and explained the situation.

The 2nd time I was told that I “had wiped the system clean myself & was faking it to get a better system out of Mesh” I do not have the knowledge to do so or have the time to hang on the phone for long periods as I'm a very busy hospital Consultant and have patients to see.

I have seen here that others have had to take drastic action to get things sorted out, all I want is my £1,000 Laptop to work. Would Mesh Computers prefer me to cancel a Ward Round and Clinic one day and tell all those effected, about 50 patients the reason is I need to contact Mesh Computers because the sold me a Laptop that does not work or would Mesh prefer me to take more drastic action and contact one of the broadsheets instead.

All I want is my Laptop to work, is that too much to ask of Mesh Computers?

  def90csw 13:16 07 Oct 2006

FRCS sorry to haer you problem, hopefully someone from Mesh may respond to your post.

  FRCS 13:24 07 Oct 2006

Thank you for you comment def90csw.
All i want is what i paid for, a working Laptop. Is that to much to ask??????????

  Jimmy14 13:39 07 Oct 2006

sorry to hear of your problem. Can I ask what made you buy a computer from Mesh and not anywhere else? That's alot of money.

  FRCS 13:46 07 Oct 2006

Went in to WHSmith picked up PC Advisor Magazine looked at a few reviews inside and bought the one with the best write up & the top choice of the reviewer. Now feel a bit foolish!

  Forum Editor 13:59 07 Oct 2006

that your computer should have an operating system, and I can understand your irritation.

May I ask what happens when you switch the computer on - does it go through its Power On Self Test (POST)? That's the part of the process where white text appears on a black screen, by the way, in case you haven't heard the term before.

  FRCS 14:23 07 Oct 2006

I have just had one of the Hospitals Duty IT staff look at it who say it appears not to have an Operating System on it at all? They will look after it until Mesh decide when or if to pick it up. Picking it up from the IT Department will be easier than disturbing me when on a Ward round.

Must admit the IT guy seemed to know his stuff so will wait to see what happen's now. If no contact from Mesh Computers in 7 days i may mention it to a friend from Uni who is with one of the broadsheets.

Many thanks for all your help.
IT Guy has suggested a basic laptop from Comet to help me at least finish off my medical reports at home. Kind regards FRCS

  Forum Editor 15:46 07 Oct 2006

but you haven't answered my question - does it POST? Surely your IT guy can answer that?

  FRCS 16:41 07 Oct 2006

Sorry did mot realise that is was that important, however i have asked him and he said NO! So could this mean their is something else wrong?.
Just got a FUJITSU SIEMENS AMILO L 7320 @ £499 from Comet and following the idiot proof instructions to load Microsoft Office on to it. Got to get done by 5:30pm as of to check up on my Reg/SHO.

  FRCS 16:43 07 Oct 2006

I though when you mentioned POST it was something to do with writing to Mesh Computers! Hope you all have a good weekend, all the best. Rgds FRCS.

  anchor 17:02 07 Oct 2006

Hopefully, Davey, (who is the Mesh "presence" on this forum), will pick up on this thread on Monday.

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