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  GDuncan 13:41 13 Mar 2007

Help please!

I originally purchased my system, (mainly for photographic and Video editing using the fire-wire connector) from MESH in Nov 2004 and have suffered seemingly never ending problems. It had been returned to MESH and the hard drive replaced 3 times by March 2006. After its return in May 2006, the computer could not detect the camcorder, various “fixes” were attempted after contacting MESH “support”, as well as being told my system “didn’t have a fire-wire connector” and borrowing someone else’s camcorder. This did not work either, and when it was returned to the owner his camcorder no longer worked on his computer!

The computer was returned yet again to MESH, and the subsequent Service activity report stated “Fire-wire cable not fitted correctly on motherboard, shorting, video drives corrupted”. I consider reasonably this is what has caused the damage to two camcorders.

After much correspondence, the computer and camcorder was reluctantly returned again to MESH for the fifth time on 3/1/07. After chasing them up, I got a computer back on 15.2.07. Not my computer, someone else’s, who got mine by mistake, that person found a copy of my letter attached to my machine so was able to contact me directly. I found that an engineer from MESH called to his house with his computer, and found his CD drives did not work, so took the items from my machine.

I got my computer back from MESH on 1/3/07, the camcorder was still not detected on the computer and surprise surprise, the CD drive now does not work! MESH support has been e-mailed and recorded delivery letters have been sent to customer support, as well as two of the company directors, all of which have remained unanswered.

Can anyone offer ideas for my next steps, to get a fully working computer and camcorder, as obviously if the company directors are not willing to assist in this case I have few options left, other than contacting Trading standards, and small claims court proceedings.

  n4165si 14:19 13 Mar 2007

.you won,t get very far with trading standards,contact [email protected] .com ,i'm not saying he will help-directly but he does answer your enquiry, then if you don,t get satisfaction go straight to the small claims court ,but i don,t think it will get that far. sometimes the forum editor has a word with them. i have been all through this with them, and speak from experience .the pity is their equipment is normally very good,shame about the service

  n4165si 14:28 13 Mar 2007

you could also try
click here

  Forum Editor 00:51 14 Mar 2007

Your libellous post has been removed.

  hexane 18:24 15 Mar 2007

I agree with the advice above that Davey at MESH is the guy to contact. However, the email address I have for him is [email protected].

I found him to be very helpful when I had exhausted other avenues with MESH.

  Zero G 18:25 15 Mar 2007

Why cant i post on this subject?
Surely as a consumer i have the right to post an article on this matter?
Or is this not to upset the apple cart were Mesh are concerned??
1 rule for Mesh and another for those who voice their concerns at the way mesh act??

  Zero G 18:31 15 Mar 2007

OK, Mesh win!
I will NOT post another post on Mesh Computers.
Thats fair i think.

  rodriguez 18:56 15 Mar 2007

I didn't see Zero G's post, but it probably contained a lot of anti-Mesh comments and probably generally slated the company, which isn't really allowed on these forums. I think it's allowed if you just describe the problems you have with a company without trying to urge people to avoid them and damage their business. I know someone who's recently had a new computer from Mesh and it's been fine and has no problems at all. I bought one a few years ago and it was dogged with problems. So, like with most companies, people have good experiences and people have bad experiences. It might look like there is a lot of bad stuff about Mesh, but that's because people who have a bad experience are more likely to post about it than people who have a good one. This is why posting comments about companies trying to get people to avoid them or lose their business isn't allowed.

  [email protected] 19:11 15 Mar 2007

He said, in response to GDuncan's claim that his letters to two of the company directors were unanswered, something along the lines of "that proves the poor customer care stems down directly from the directors" (can't remember the exact wording). The basic just of it was that the fish stinks from the head down.

BTW, I think Davey's e-mail address has an 's' at the end of it - [email protected]

  2bathred 22:59 15 Mar 2007

I bought my newest machine from Mesh.Yes I had problems, it took time but they were sorted and looking back it was not them alone. remember that they are dependant on suppliers to sell them working components and if the item, such as a monitor for example is purchased, they themselves don't even take it out of the box just pass it on to their customer. It's very easy to get up tight these days, 'I want it and I want it now' is something that should be tempered with a degree of tolerance. When you have someone like Davey on the team the ball it is as good as in the net.

  jimmybond 14:04 16 Mar 2007

"It might look like there is a lot of bad stuff about Mesh, but that's because people who have a bad experience are more likely to post about it than people who have a good one"

Yep - Mesh, and others such as PCNextDay that get stacks of bad press here - actually have superb after sales support, it's just that people are more likely to post about a bad experience. You've clarified the confusion there, cheers.
Oh no, wait for it - I forgot 'excuse B' - about comapny A selling X PC's, and company B selling Y PC's, and the complaints to sales ratio.

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