Mesh. Well I never!

  Ancient Learner 20:42 07 Jul 2005

My Mesh is just nicely over 12 months old. The DVD Driver had decided to not work right, like it wouldn't recognise DVDs, one might say a pretty basic requirement.

When you buy a Mesh, there is a desktop icon named 'Mesh' which gives a full detailed description of what you've bought, and very usefull that is. It also has a 'Support' button which will get you to a place where you can send a message asking for help.

I did. That got me to the customer services and thence to technical help. I explained my problem, and I got a long and very detailed reply, with 3 things to do in order, if the first didn't work try the next and so on. The first two made no difference, and third required that I get into the Registry and delete some stuff there. Scary for me! However I did it and it worked.

I am very impressed indeed.

  wee eddie 21:28 07 Jul 2005

It's also pretty hard to qualify as Ancient round here, as well.

Many of us still regard "Ambrose" as a pretty Hip sort of guy!

  Ancient Learner 21:35 07 Jul 2005

Much prefered Victor Sylvester myself, and Stan Getz.

  Ancient Learner 11:05 09 Jul 2005

The Boss man seems to have rubbed off quite a few replies, so I guess g=he doesn't approve. Pity! Never mind I'll close the thread.

  Forum Editor 11:58 09 Jul 2005

the thread had lapsed into a chat about musicians etc., which is of no interest to the vast majority of the people who may view the thread - either now, or in the future. Whilst I have no desire to be a wet blanket I need to remember that this is a computer-help forum, and that casual conversations are usually only of interest to the few who are involved.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:29 09 Jul 2005

thinking it might have been because I was having a dig at the older members!

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