MESH-Warranty & WinXP CD (Question not complaint)

  Sweet Parmania 11:24 25 Sep 2004

I am about to buy a Mesh PC and was wondering if any one knows if opening the case and adding (not modding components) invalidates the warranty.

I would also like to know if Mesh provide a proper Win XP disk - not just a restore one in case I ever want to wipe the OS etc.

  ETDRTGERTA 13:00 25 Sep 2004

I received just a restore disk of XP (6 months ago)

As far as I can see, the warranty is valid if you just add components eg wintv card as in my case.


  Sweet Parmania 13:03 25 Sep 2004


I am a bit bothered about the setup of win xp though. If I only have a restore disk I'm pretty limited.

Anyone else had problems or got any comments on this one?

  flubberjack 13:04 25 Sep 2004

The Mesh Windows Disc that they supply is just like a normal Windows CD but with mesh branding and some mesh options on it IIRC.

There is another thread where Davey explains this - search for "mesh windows"

  speedy12 13:51 25 Sep 2004

i received my mesh a couple of days ago. they say they have an "open case policy" ...which i assume means u can add components aslong as you dont damage anything.

  slim 65 15:01 25 Sep 2004

With the Mesh CD that came with my pc I am able to format the hdd and reinstall xp. I have done so three times. Also I have also presumed that as the pc came supplied with spare bays and slots any additions , as long as they are compatible,are acceptable.

  €dstowe 15:14 25 Sep 2004

Not wishing to seem obtuse but, questions like this are best asked of the manufacturer/supplier. It is they, and they alone, that can give a truly definitive answer.

  ohgod 15:30 25 Sep 2004

Asking Mesh is fine if you can get them to answer the phone. During working hours a number of long waits and tortuous automated phone systems tries the patience. Out of hours the line answers and goes dead, giving you a phone bill and no help.
When you do get through, despite having to give them your invoice details they apparently know little about your system and precious little more about computing.
Having suffered a major crash I was advised to attempt a hard drive format by inserting the appropriate floppy disc prior to booting.
I have no floppy drive.
Despite several e-mails I am still waiting a solution to my problem which I believe is hard drive failure but they won't accept until I use their diagnostics that they haven't yet supplied.

  slim 65 15:43 25 Sep 2004

Have a look here re the cd click here

With regards to warranty terms and conditions I agree with the post above that it is always best to check with the Manufacturer first.

  €dstowe 15:51 25 Sep 2004

Your reply is not really applicable to this query. The telephone response for sales is far more efficient than customer services - as you might expect, they are trying to sell stuff, not repair it/answer questions after you've bought it.

Even so, Mesh have a presence on here and there is a Mesh hotline from this forum. Have a look at some of the previous Mesh threads for information.

BTW, are you sure you want to keep that moniker? I can see it not being approved of and suggest you think about another.

  spuds 17:28 25 Sep 2004

Any questions and rapid responses are usually available to PCA members via [email protected]

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