MESH warranty & on-site support

  Hardcap 12:38 12 Nov 2007

I bought a MESH desktop PC in January this year and have had a couple of niggles up til now.

I lost Direct sound and had to reinstall the X-fi soundcard and have had a conflict between the motherboard and a Razer mouse which led me to flash the bios to try and resove the problem.

I used the ASUS EZ flash utility and have since not been able to use the PC at all. I contacted the MESH helpdesk straight away and explaind what had happened. They told me to reseat the graphic card and memory and this would sort the problem out. It didn't.

I don't have the facility to boot from floppy and MESH don't include the motherboard support cd
so I am stuck waiting for an engineer visit.

I have made numerous calls and emails explaining what has happened and was told that new parts had been ordered and this was delaying the engineers visit.

I queried what parts and was told graphic card and memory. When I rang to say it was more likely motherboard/bios related they said that this was a change to the original problem and they'd have to order the motherboard and it would delay things again.

I registered on the forums and posted with a reply from Davey saying:

Unfortunately the video card required for the onsite visit was out of stock and so had to be ordered in for the visit. Until this arrived there was little point the engineer coming out. I am very sorry for the delay with regards to this.

Unfortunately in light of the additional information the required work is likely to have changed. If the system has indeed been rendered inoperable in this way it would not be covered by your warranty and we would need to examine the system within our workshop before proceeding with any repair. If the problem is caused by the previously suspected items then these will of course be covered by the warranty, if the problem is with the motherboard, the work would be chargeable.

I will have the new paperwork raised for you.


No mention of possible charges etc. etc,. I could take the PC into a local shop and see if they can repair the bios so I can boot up but that would invalidate the warranty.

Any advice on what I can do as it's nearlt 3 weeks and still no on-site visit.


  Hardcap 13:15 12 Nov 2007

I meant to add. If I had to pay for a replacement motherboard, is their any benefit in swapping to a more recent one.

The one I have installed now is an ASUS P5N-E SLI?



  Totally-braindead 16:37 12 Nov 2007

I sympathise but can see why Mesh are saying that flashing the BIOS and rendering the PC unusable would not be covered by their warranty.
It depends whether the work they would have to do is chargeable and also how much that would cost, also to a certain degree what warranty you have. If its only a one year warranty then you're only losing a couple of months, if you opted for a longer warranty then by replacing the board the warranty would be null and void.
Also it depends what windows you have, it might not like swapping to a new board and might not validate itself.
To be honest I'm not sure what to say. I would perhaps ask Mesh if they could clarify if they were going to charge and if so if they could give an idea of what the charge might be as I don't see how you can make any decision when you don't know the costs.

Sorry I know thats not much help but without some idea of prices and info on whether windows would accept a new board ok I for one cannot advise.

Hopefully someone else will.

  Totally-braindead 16:38 12 Nov 2007

I think this is the board if that helps anyone click here

  Hardcap 08:23 13 Nov 2007

I have a 3 year MESH Classic Plus warranty with the first year being on-site.

I'm running Windows XP.

I can't understand how updating the bios would make the warranty void, especially when using the manufacturers own flash utility. Is this the same for anything that has a flash memory?

My gripe is that I specifically paid for an on-site warranty so I wouldn't have to send my PC off for repair (at least in year 1) and MESH aren't honouring their end of the bargain. The small print says this covers hardware problems but I only flashed the bios because it was already conflicting with another peripheral so the hardware problem already existed.

I'm cheesed off because I was upfront with what I had done from the start and only after being told repeatedly that the engineer was waiting for parts before coming out over a period of a fortnight was I then told sorry you'll have to send it in for repair as you've changed what you said was the problem. Utter rubbish and I have the 5 e-mails to prove it datnmg back to day 1. Pity I didn't record the staff on the helpdesk and their comical, please hold while I consult my source every time you ask a simple question. Wonder how much money that ploy makes.

I'm not happy being charged carriage for something that should be covered under the warranty. I may have saved myself nearly 40 quid and gone for the free cover.

I'm also not happy with being constantly fobbed off by the helpdesk who have a policy of promising to call you back and then not bothering.

So, there you go. Can you judge a company by the support you recieve. Wish I'd seen this forum before buying my PC from MESH.

Still, I'm not bitter, much.

  I am Spartacus 08:41 13 Nov 2007

My understanding is that if the BIOS update fails on an Asus board then it can be reflashed. However I note the latest BIOS version 0801 inlcudes:

P5N-E SLI beta BIOS 0801
1. Fix system hangs when using Razer Copperhead USB Mouse.
2. Improve compatibility with Creative X-Fi sound card.

Have you tried this one?

  Hardcap 10:51 13 Nov 2007

I am stuck now as I have no floppy drive and I have tried to reflash from a cd but either have not done it correctly or the PC is just not able to reflash the BIOS.

I originally used the ASUS EZ flash utility and have since seen loads of posts stating this should be avoided at all costs. Better late than never.

As 0801 is a beta BIOS I don't know whether MESH would allow it to be installed and honour the warranty.

Here's hoping I get this sorted soon.



  I am Spartacus 11:04 13 Nov 2007

Did you unzip the ROM file to CD?

I've used the EZ flash utility from both Windows and a boot CD quite a few times now and haven't had a problem. I just stick the CD in the drive and follow the prompts.

I was thinking if your BIOS is already stuffed then a further attempt to get it working wouldn't matter.

  Hardcap 12:20 13 Nov 2007

I did using BIOS 0608 to try and resolve the USB issues.

EZ flash ran and the screen went black and hung. I left it on overnight and then switched off in the morning and the PC's been inert since.

It doesn't recognise USB (my USB keyboard shows no lights) and doesn't react to my PS/2 one from my second PC.

I have asked for the mothreboard support cd but don't know whether I'll get it. Can't find anywhere to download it and write it to a cd locally.

  I am Spartacus 12:58 13 Nov 2007

I've looked at the files on my motherboard CD and the only one I can see that is likely to 'trigger' the boot is the BIOS ROM file, all the others are windows executables.

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