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  Momokichi 17:56 20 Jan 2006

I am new to the forum so forgive me if this subject has been touched upon already. I bought a Mesh computer 18 months ago and the hardware system was so bad it had to be completely replaced by them (after I threatened legal action). Now the operating system is playing up - loss of functionality and icons, etc. - but they say they will not do anything because the warranty does not cover software. Their software line (extortionate premium rates) say the software was loaded improperly. And it was loaded by Mesh of course.
As they are the agency for Microsoft I wonder about the legality/validity of this clause in the warranty. This is not standard practice is it? Can anyone advise?

  961 18:38 20 Jan 2006

This is the classic manufacturer get out.

"It's the software, guv. Nothing to do with us"

They aren't agents for Microsoft in the way you mean, I'm afraid. They install the software and assume responsibility for the support to the customer. On that basis they get it for a much reduced price. The quality of the support you can judge for yourself

I think you have three options

If you have bought an extended warranty from Mesh you can appeal to Davey on this forum and see if he will do anything to help

You can go to Trading Standards and seek their
help, or consult Citizen's Advice or a solicitor

Or you can preserve your sanity by getting a local firm or a computer literate friend to have a look at it. It may end up by costing you a few quid but the computer may be restored to working order

The help line, such as it is, appears from all accounts to be a waste of space, and the software line is a good way to empty your wallet. Don't drive yourself mad by wasting time with them

  freaky 21:18 20 Jan 2006

The hardware problem you had was fixed by Mesh.

The fact that you have a software problem 18 months later could be related to many other causes apart from Mesh - at this stage you cannot blame Mesh.

You really have two courses of action: -

a)Have someone who is knowledgable about PC's to have a look at it.

b)Supply detailed information of the problems to this Forum - then you may well be able to solve it.

  Danoh 22:18 20 Jan 2006

I have found it certainly does help when you call OEM Support Desks, if you know enough about PC software interdependencies, not to be bambozzled into a corner whereby the get-out that "its some software you have loaded, not us" can be applied.

As has been suggested, do give us Forumites a go.

Post the details of your PC (hardware, memory, software including Operating system), then how the problem started and its symptoms, and what you have tried to do to resolve it initially.

At best, we might help you resolve it yourself. At worst, you will have built up enough info to get a free support call and even an on-site engineer visit if your warranty includes that.

I've had one very successful engineer site visit for my son's MESH pc.

  Danoh 22:19 20 Jan 2006

Oh, and best to post in teh "Helproom" forum should you decide to do so.

  Totally-braindead 23:02 20 Jan 2006

Have to agree with the others here, it may sound harsh to you but Mesh have no responsabilty for any software fault that appears, even more so after 18 months.
Its not just Mesh its every PC manufacturer in the world that do this and if you think about it its reasonable.
Look at it this way, you buy a PC with Windows XP on it. You delete part of the windows so it won't run or install other software that screws things up. How can this be the manufacturers fault? It can't is the answer.
The problem is computers are complicated bits of kit. A hardware fault is down to the manufacturer but a software fault can be caused by something as simple as pulling out a lead or plug at the wrong time.
I also would suggest you start a thread in the helproom on this, just say that you have XP and the computers doing, whatever its doing. You may find its reasonably easy to cure. And its free, theres a lot of people on the Forum with experience of almost every computer fault you can imagine.

  Forum Editor 00:00 21 Jan 2006

because I confess that I don't know what, if any guidelines are laid down by Microsoft with regard to post-sales service levels for Windows XP. I don't even know if they (Microsoft) have any way of ensuring compliance in any case.

As always in these situations it's a good idea to get the facts from the horse's mouth - in this case my very helpful contact in the Microsoft Press office. I've written to her this evening, and should have an official response at the beginning of next week. I'll get back here with more information then.

  Danoh 03:18 21 Jan 2006

Straight in on another murky area for us all!!

  Momokichi 08:20 21 Jan 2006

Thanks for all your help and support. I did not make it clear but this is about the sixth time the operating system has had to be reloaded -sometimes by me and sometimes by Mesh. The last time was six months ago by Mesh.
Furthermore, when I called them, Dell said they WOULD cover software in their warranty and anything else they sold to me. Is this a dubious claim?
In addition, Evesham came out and fixed a software problem on my system from them at my home and reloaded Windows XP. So, clearly, not all companies have the same policy on this matter.

  Totally-braindead 08:49 21 Jan 2006

I didn't think any manufacturer would include software faults in the warranty due to the simplicity of it getting mucked up, perhaps I'm wrong. I also didn't realise you'd had windows reinstalled, I thought from your original post that 18 months later you had started to have problems. I will be interested to see what Microsoft say.
Personally my PC works well most of time, most of the problems I have, software related, is due to me perhaps trying another of the same type of software and things getting mucked up because the two programs conflict or because of some other form of file corruption. I don't hold anyone to blame in the case of file corruption I just accept it as one of those things, usually removal of the problem program and reinstallation cures it. Not that this sort of thing happens very often to me at least. I wonder what Microsoft will say?

  spuds 11:08 21 Jan 2006

It would be very interesting to see what Microsoft have to say on this issue. A colleague of mine purchased a new computer from an independent local manufacturer plus a 'licensed' OEM XP pack last year, and after installing he had various problems. The local company didn't have the expertise in resolving software problems, with the end result that it was a case of trawling around for help and advice.

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