Mesh vs PC Advisor price

  caen 19:07 02 Sep 2009

This months magazine shows the Mesh Elite Ice 7 reviewed with a price of 749 pounds. Great I thought I will purchase one, checked the MESH website and the price is 799 pounds! Contacted MESH by telephone and they stated that the price is correct and the PC Advisor is wrong. Who's correct?

  Forum Editor 19:28 02 Sep 2009

is to say that we must have got the price from somewhere.

My second is to say that I'll check and get back to you, and thank you for letting us know.

  wiz-king 19:33 02 Sep 2009

Mesh may have put the price up since submitting the machine for review. It takes several weeks to get something through the review and printing process, but Mesh know this and should have made allowances for the length of time.

  spuds 23:17 02 Sep 2009

Not sure about PC Advisor, but some other computer magazines make it a rule that the price advertised will hold fast at the time of the magazine publication.

In the past it as been known on occasions that specifications have altered due to supply, but usually the manufacturer as given allowances for this.

If it is a printers error or misquote, then the FE will know doubt have the answer shortly.

  peugeot man 09:47 03 Sep 2009

Reviewed in other publications at £749

click here

and here
click here

  MESH Support 10:50 03 Sep 2009

The system advertised for £799 comes with a Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse set and speakers hence the price difference. The system is still available without these upgrades for the review price but without the speakers and with a standard corded keyboard/mouse set.

For the £749 system though you would need to call our sales line to order.


  Managing ed 12:35 03 Sep 2009

It's an absolute stipulation of PC Advisor's that any system that appears in our print magazine has to remain available at the price quoted for the duration of the shelf life of the issue. Given that our readers get plenty of exclusive builds, this is a big ask for PC manufacturers, but we expect them to uphold it, and by and large they do. It does mean, however, that to get a better deal PCA readers may have to call up the vendor and quote the mag's name. By the by, for obvious reasons it's impossible to take as firm a line with online reviews. We never post a desktop system review until we know it is available at the price quoted, but if a review is many months old, we can't guarantee that the system will still be available.

Thanks to Mesh for clearing this up. And do let us know if you spot any similar issues.

Matt Egan
Managing Editor

  961 19:32 03 Sep 2009

"For the £749 system though you would need to call our sales line to order"


  MESH Support 13:33 08 Sep 2009

The sales person would need to remove the upgrades manually as our website's system does not support that in this instance. This is to be changed but knowing how long these things can take I'd would imagine this particular system will be old news before it is complete.


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