Mesh v Evesham?

  Lettervanman 16:18 28 Feb 2004

I am on my second Evesham (98se) and am thinking of a replacement.
I have seen a few adverse comments about Evesham recently, and wonder if Mesh may be a better option.
I would welcome any input on either company.

  aramis 16:28 28 Feb 2004

I have purchased from Evesham and Mesh with no problems. I would happpily go back to either company,it would depend on the price, spec and my personal requirements at time of purchase.

  grangefair 17:42 28 Feb 2004

After 3 (satisfactory) years with a Time PC I went to Mesh 2 years ago for a higher spec machine and XP. I have no problems with the hardware whatsoever even with 2 printers, a scanner and a card reader for digital photography.

  961 18:52 28 Feb 2004

Both produce terrific value computers

The vast majority of customers of both companies are very satisfied

A small percentage of customers of both companies have a problem and sometimes customer service is less than satisfactory

You really can say that about most companies supplying the retail market these days, can't you?

  anniel 19:19 28 Feb 2004

Whilst I am sure that Mesh make OK computers, I bought Evesham as I was not satisfied with what Mesh meant by "on site service guarantee"

We had quite a debate on this subject and in the end I cancelled my Mesh PC.

To their credit, they refunded my money very rapidly, which did impress me.

In the end I bought another Evesham.

  wags 19:30 28 Feb 2004

IMHO both companies produce top quality kit. I have two Mesh PCs and at the time of purchasing (4 yrs and 6 mths ago respectively) I compared specs and prices between both companies and Mesh won each time. If buying again today, I would look at both Evesham and Mesh and have no heitation from buying from either company, but again would go through the same price/spec/value analysis. Good luck with your purchase !

  wags 19:32 28 Feb 2004

sorry, that should be 'no hesitation in buying...' at the end of the second line !

  hawk2 00:50 29 Feb 2004

At the end of the day it comes down to spec V money, and for my money I bought a mesh and I am very pleased with it and the service that I have had from them.

  drkelly 01:52 29 Feb 2004

On my third mesh computer and for the money they always make sense. My brother always buys evesham, pays more and is happy but the service he gets is no better than me. Last Mesh bought, January this year, ordered online on the 12th, delivered 10 days later. Everything working and all specs as specified. For the money great computer.

  Lettervanman 07:43 29 Feb 2004

Thanks for all your replys,I think that Mesh might just win this time.
Mesh is well regarded in the PC Advisor reviews and this is why I posed the question.

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