Mesh v Dell v Evesham after -sale customer service

  Ranald 22:06 16 Dec 2004

Dell & Evesham seem to come out top in surveys for after sale trouble-shooting but Mesh lower down the rankings. But Mesh seem to get better ratings than either for their PCs --Dell hardly figure in the top 10 charts. I have to upgrade from my 7 year old Dell -- if I get a Mesh will I regret it?

  zed650 22:29 16 Dec 2004

I bought an Evesham 2years+ ago and never used their tech support etc. fine machine.


  Flak999 22:57 16 Dec 2004

I have had an Evesham for three years and have used their tech support on three or four occasions, and have found it to be first rate!

  Forum Editor 01:35 17 Dec 2004

None of us know the answer to that one Ranald - how could we?

All the manufacturers you mention make excellent machines and all of them have dissatisfied customers at some point, it's inevitable. After sales service is the most-discussed topic in this forum, and there are plenty of previous threads for you to look at.

The chances that you will never have to contact a customer service desk are very good - the vast majority of new computers work straight out of the box and continue to do so for years.

  Danoh 02:25 17 Dec 2004

I have both an Evesham and a MESH, but not a DELL pc (apart from DELL laptops but they were work issue).

If you just want to use the facilities and applications on a PC, then you will want to have very good and all inclusive after-sales service. But I think MESH are starting to narrow the gap in recent months, unless its due to extra staffing in readiness for the Christmas / New Year period.

However, if you are quite technically inclined and have the time, patience and inclination to learn a lot of technical aspects, then after-sale customer service is much less important then getting good value for money and decent components.

Which is why I have gone for a MESH most recently.

If you actually find it fun, then you ought to consider building one yourself, and give yourself the best after-sales service going.

  anniel 09:39 17 Dec 2004

1. My Dell PC was a great machine and I only changed it after 4 years because I wanted more bells and whistles. I did have to ring them on a few occasions about my CD drive, but the service was not bad.

Why didn't I buy another Dell? The salesman was in India and we were unable to communicate effectively as I was unable to understand what he was saying. This was not his fault, but if I am spending £1,200 I want my queries answered.

2. I bought an Evesham and was able to visit one of their shops and actually look at their machines.

I am happy with my Evesham, although I have had to ring them on a few occasions as I am very untechie.
They replaced my CD Writer without quibbling when it was found to be faulty.

Their technical staff are very good and I have found them helpful and not at all impatient or condescending, which, for people like me, is very important.

I had visited Mesh showrooms and actually ordered their PC but was a bit unhappy about their warranty, so I cancelled my order.

I can recommend Evesham and as they are based in UK, I would always buy from them again.

  anchor 10:02 17 Dec 2004

I can only speak about Evesham service. I have always found them excellent.

  Danoh 11:46 17 Dec 2004

As a new (c2 months) MESH customer, they seem to be very successful in making me eat my own words!

Within the past 2 days they've rapidly arranged to pick up my PC with an intermittent but recurring fault, agreed to do a non-standard C: partition of 20Gb as part of their rebuild even though it must be crazy times for them now, provided a replacement full recovery CD with SP2 slipstreamed into XP home.

3 items "bowled down" in 2 days. 1 phone call, 3 emails. And decent component selection for a decent price + on-site warranty (I'd extended mine to 3 years).

Definitely narrowing the gap at least!! (I think I will have to stop posting as I keep having to partially retract!!)

  961 15:09 17 Dec 2004

The remarks by the Forum Editor sum it up

We could all express an opinion, but quite honestly you would get as much good advice by spinning a coin.

Dell offer good value, but as said above, if you need help can you pick up what the guy in India is saying

Mesh make super spec machines. I've owned more than one. If they go wrong the service can be patchy although it seems better lately

Evesham are good too, although service, again, has been off the top at times

Remember more than 95% of machines will work out of the box and continue to do so. If yours doesn't then much depends on how good you are at describing the problem and how good the guy at the other end is at his job. Based on that, I would say there is not much to choose between these three

So, to answer your question directly, I would say, probably not. I would suggest however that you wait until the Christams rush and the obvious strain on customer service is out of the way before you buy. Late Jan gives all the suppliers a chance to get up to speed again after hell on wheels over the holidays

  boy_from_the_blackstuff 17:46 17 Dec 2004

As I've said previously it would be interesting to note how many of us actually receive satisfactory advice from any company's support line.

All we tend to hear are absolute numbers of complaints - it would be better if this could be expressed as a proportion or percentage of total calls or even sales but this information may be difficult to collect

  cactusjack 20:11 17 Dec 2004

Been using my Evesham machine for almost 1 year - excellent machine, haven't had to call technical support yet. I still remember the delivery process - Evesham were great. Any queries regarding my order were answered very quickly by e-mail. Someone from Evesham even rang me up to get my order delivered to me 1 week before the expected delivery date. So far, a fantastic experience with Evesham.

A couple of months ago, I bought a Dell laptop. So far, it has worked ok.

Back in 1998, I bought a Dell PC - within the 1st year, we had problems with the sound card - the Ireland based call centre was great and an engineer was dispatched to solve the problem. Out of interest, is the Ireland based call centre still there? - or is all Dell phone support in the UK now coming from India?

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