Mesh tower Sold as new was 7 years old

  feliks 16:03 22 Mar 2011

Hi in 2009 My PC gave up on me and my neighbour send me to a local guy who deals with computers, Bottom line my computer was too old and it was'nt worth repairing it. MY computer was bought in 1991.
Then he offered me to buy a Mesh like the one he was using in his office . I went to visit their Website and found that their material was reliable so I said OK.

Just before it first annivers my computer was very slow and eventually was clogged up by too many updates.
Got the computer to guy who basically clean it a bit and reinstlled it for me.
I was suspicious at that time as he asked me for £55.00 since there was no warranty when Mesh Computer give 3 years Warranty.

Wrote to Mesh with the model and serial number to find out that this computer was made and sold in August 2002, Basically he has sold me a computer which was 7 years old, Whic I use mainly as word processor as the internet search can take ages.

I asked a full refund of my money and I could have his antique computer back .

No reply...

What would you do?

  Kevscar1 16:10 22 Mar 2011

Trading Standards

  bremner 16:20 22 Mar 2011

How much did you pay him for the computer?

  donki 16:48 22 Mar 2011

Right.... so what was the spec of the PC you bought in 2009 and how much did you pay for it? There would be a huge difference in tech between 2002 and 2009.

Also why were you suspicious that "the guy" you took it to, who doesn't seem to have anything to do with Mesh, charged you £55? Should you not have called Mesh and asked them?

  Woolwell 16:56 22 Mar 2011

I think that you are saying you bought a second hand Mesh computer off a local computer repairer. Is that right?

  Forum Editor 17:05 22 Mar 2011

somebody who came to look at your computer told you that it was not worth bothering with, and offered to purchase a new machine from Mesh on your behalf.

The machine duly appeared, but you subsequently discovered that although it was a Mesh machine it hadn't been purchased for you in 2009, but was a seven year old computer, made and sold by Mesh in 2002.

If that's the situation and this man told you the computer was new he has defrauded you - he's guilty of a criminal offence, and you should report the matter to the police.

Before doing this make absolutely sure that:-

1. You were told that you would be getting a new Mesh machine.

2. That the money you paid to this man was equivalent to the cost of a new machine. How much was it?

3. That you have a written confirmation from Mesh regarding its age.

4. That you can produce evidence of the payment you made, or can produce a receipt with this man's signature on it.

If he's a fraudster he'll get away with it if you can't prove that you paid him. Fraud is a very serious offence, and you mustn't accuse someone of it unless you have absolute proof with which to back up your claim.

  Armchair 17:06 22 Mar 2011

I may be wrong but I think what he said was that his repairer offered to buy a new PC from the Mesh site and sell it to him, but actually sold him a seven year old Mesh PC that he already had. I'm guessing that feliks has almost no knowledge of PC hardware (or software! Which OS does it use?).

  Woolwell 17:11 22 Mar 2011

That's why I asked because I wasn't sure if that was the situation.

  MAJ 22:06 22 Mar 2011

feliks didn't say that the guy was going to buy him a NEW Mesh PC, he said 'the guy' was going to buy him a PC like the Mesh he was using in his office. 'The guy' also didn't say that he was going to buy it from Meshcomputers.

  feliks 22:15 22 Mar 2011

Thank you all for your contributions

Basically I paid £300 for the tower with XP as operating system.
This computer has a drive for diskets
So that's already shows is age
When questionning Mesh giving the serial number I was replied that this computer was produced and sold in august 2002.

Now for the same money I can get a tower with window 7 and all specs.
There is a trade description.
If I had paid £100 I would say OK it not even a reconditionned machine, on his invoice it says to supply Mesh Matrix B stock
Installed windows XP SP2 Microsoft office, Nero Burning software
All drivers and additional software
The guy has a bad reputation, as a conman, this what I heard afterwards when talking to local traders.
Basically I put a smal claim against him Full refund and it takes is antique computer back.
Hearing on Friday as he is resisting the claim.

  Forum Editor 22:40 22 Mar 2011

this is the subject of a court action we are unable to offer any further comment. You should have said this in the first place.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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