Mesh - think twice !!

  Never again 00:17 21 Nov 2005

Obviously I am speaking from personal experience, but I have recently had problems with this company.

I work for a trade union as a safety rep and they have recently decided to supply me with a laptop by Mesh, which I was looking forward to receiving.

All was ok, as it arrived on time and appeared to do the job, until my 60 day office trial expired after 10 days.

Despite hours on the sub contracted technical support, who blamed Mesh, and also with Mesh who at first tried to tell me that the trial was only up to 60 days, and then told me to remove office and download my own trial at my own internet cost, I still feel very cheated.

On my invoice and on the website it clearly states that I have purchased a 60 day trial but that does not seem to matter to Mesh that have had my money and washed their hands of me.

I only wanted what I have paid for, and the excuse is that the drives are burnt with an image in a job lot so hard luck to any customers that buy pc's with a 60 day trial included.

I have lost the opportunity to produce 3 days work as office will now not let me create any new documents as well as hours on the phone.

Phone calls are returned as a whim!

It's not good enough, it's bad customer services and as far as I'm concerned it's illegal and misrepresentation of goods under our curent consumer laws.

Customer services at Mesh say tough!!!

If a company takes your money so quickly and then washes its hands of you when you have a legitaimate problem then I think there is a problem with the company.

I would not spend another penny with them if it was my own money.

I hope a representative from Mesh is watching and wants to sort my problem out, but on recent experience I doubt it.

  square eyes 08:24 21 Nov 2005

Shoulda done a search on this forum with Mesh before hand, you would have been apalled. They have a very bad name with their support and ability to conduct themselves a professional company.
Im an ex-customer who intends to stay X

  PaulB2005 10:01 21 Nov 2005

"the excuse is that the drives are burnt with an image in a job lot so hard luck to any customers that buy PC's with a 60 day trial included."

The 60 day trial starts on the day the trial is first used and not the day it is put on the PC or the first day the PC is used.


Day 1: Start PC for the first time
Day 2: Open Word - 60 Day Trial Starts

Check for any other signs the PC has had a previous owner or has been used before.

Did you get a "Settings Windows Up For the First Time" Screen when booting initially?

The Office Trials do have an "death date". I have one set of disks that will not work past 30th September 2005 and other than don't work past 31st January 2006. If you install either of these with less than 60 days then you only get up to the "Death Date".

  MESH Support 13:52 21 Nov 2005

I am sorry to hear of your poor service experience.

I am interested in details of who you spoke to regarding the Trial issue as it is indeed a recent issue with an amendment made to our mastering system. However the response is support via our technical department to re-open the 60 day trial for the full period, and not as it appears you have been advised.

If you email me your serial/order number and screen name (Never again) to [email protected] I will be able to look further into the matter and prevent any further callers being advised incorrectly. Additionally I can arrange for your trial to be re-instated as it should be.

Mesh Support

  oresome 18:06 21 Nov 2005

Now if only customers got a response like Davey's when they first encountered difficulties I think we would be reading very different letters about Mesh on this forum.

Just where does it fall down? Lack of training, poor communications, lack of supervision, poor staff?

Wherever, somebody needs to sort it!

  spuds 10:56 22 Nov 2005

I can never understand how many company's spend large amounts of money in trying to give or appear to give customer satisfaction, yet training of the staff seems very lacking at times.Reading articles like this cannot impress potential customers.

I am not sure what Davey's actual role is within the Mesh organization, but he appears to be perhaps the only one who can resolve issues with extreme efficiency.

  Never again 23:19 22 Nov 2005

Thank you all for your replies.

I have contacted Davey at Mesh support and am currently awaiting his response.

The laptop looks great and seems to do the job, but I resent being manipulated by big companies who appear to want the sales and then provide you with inferior goods/ services.

I hope it all turns out for the best or I may be taking further consumer advice and returning the laptop.

Additionally, I hope Mesh sort it out and I will be happy to let you all know.

Thanks again.

  Never again 23:15 25 Nov 2005

No reply for the last 3 days apart from an automatically generated response to my email.

Read into that what you want, but to me it says that Mesh stinks.

  kinger 21:16 26 Nov 2005

I purchased a Mesh laptop PC a few months ago and it's been perfect with excellent customer support.

I must admit to be a little nervous about buying it online as it cost over £2000.00

However, it's been very fast and is very solidly built so I can't complain.

I imagine that Mesh sell so many computers that the law of averages are that there are bound to be some with problems. I was lucky, I suppose.

Good luck with the support from them and I do hope that it gets resolved sooner rather than later.

  Never again 21:50 26 Nov 2005

I'm glad that you have had no problems.

All I want is what I paid for and a reply from customer support, which still has not come.

  HXP 23:10 26 Nov 2005

Get a letter off to them asap recorded delivery - contact your local trading standards - ask for refund .... don't give up


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