Mesh Support

  O-NO 09:44 04 Jun 2004

Just had reason to contact Mesh support and I have to say the gentleman I spoke to could not have been more helpful........and the issue resolved in minutes........

Thankyou Mesh Support.

  spuds 10:36 04 Jun 2004

And what was the issue, was it a major or minor problem, or just a little advice!.

  O-NO 11:06 04 Jun 2004

Was just very minor spuds....a little advice and a tweak in Bios......

Had AMD 64 3400+ since March and enjoyed every minute of it.

  spuds 11:10 04 Jun 2004

Great to hear of good customer service, when it is needed.

  rickimalone 11:20 04 Jun 2004

Yes, no doubt your one of countless thousands of happy Mesh customers, however happy people rarely go to the trouble of finding somewhere to post about it.

In the main the motivation to post and let others no about one's experience is usually spurned from anger and frustration and revenge a rarely an emotion of thanks.........

  wags 12:55 04 Jun 2004

Good to hear that there are many others like me who are happy with MESH support. I used their web site Support link when my DVD drive packed up and found that I got a very quick response, with detailed guidance and when it was agreed the drive was dead, an onsite engineer called and swapped it out at my home. I never even spoke to anyone at MESH !

  oregon-john 20:58 11 Jan 2005

I ordered the computer back in early November so as to have it up and working before Christmas. The sales person gave a date for delivery of 2nd December, this was changed to 14th December because I changed the order to the PC model in your No. one position in the Budget charts (Mesh Matrix 64 3500) Sales person very good- order taken and confirmed and the goods were delivered as promised on the 14th. Well done Sales and Dispatch.

I connected up the machine and powered up - it took 30 minutes to get to the windows logon screen. Everytime thereafter it took again 30 mins to get to the desktop.

I contacted Mesh by telephone on the 15th December and after the usual 20 min wait before a human talks to you, was informed they were aware of this problem it being the driver for the WiFi card, they said I need to go to the makers site and download an updated driver. This I did with the aid of a friends pc. I transferred the ziped file to the Mesh run the file and rebooted this time it took only!! 10 min to boot up. I again contacted Mesh, again a 20/30 min wait, I was passed from one dept/person to another and told there was nothing they could do. I then attempted to get information from the web site as had been 'recommended' during the telephone calls. This was when the second problem occurred, I was unable to login as a customer - it came up every time as invalid even using cut and paste. More phone calls and emails but no-one seemed to be interested in helping me to resolve my problems.

I am aware they might well have been busy due to the Christmas rush but all I have received is a automated response asking me to phone them or login to support on the site. I have received no futher emails from Mesh since 29th December. After emailing PC Advisor on the 5th Jan and cc a copy to Mesh I received a phone call two days later!!! And an email on the 7th - only took 5 weeks. Hope if there is any other problems in the future they are a bit quicker in responding

  spuds 23:20 11 Jan 2005

If you require further or advice help from Mesh,try contacting [email protected] who may provide a more better direct route in solving any problems.

  Colinp 20:40 12 Jan 2005

I tried phoning their sales line today. Was given their 6 choices of number to press, and it didn't matter which number I pressed, the woman kept on saying "for such and such press 1", "for such and such press 2" etc. After a while I gave up.

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