MESH - The story so far.....

  Rigga 08:55 11 Mar 2004

Well, I did say to all that I would update as soon as my Mesh computer arrived..

... and guess what.. Hurray.. It arrived this morning..

Imagine my disappointment then, that I can't use it this morning, and probably won't be able to use it until MESH change the configuration..

Let me explain.

I ordered an Athlon 64 3200, with 512mb mem, 240gig HD (2x120gig Sata), ATI Radeon 9800 Pro All in Wonder 128mb .

When I received the computer this morning, I opened the side panel straight away to install the other 2x512mb DDR400 memory I have purchased.. but oops.. can't do that, there are already two slots taken up, with 2x256mb modules. Even though I specifically phoned in my order and requested that I have 1 512mb module, to be told by the sales guy, Yes sir that's no problem I'll just make a note of it. anyway.. that's problem one..

no worries says I, I'll just contact MESH support and they'll fix that right up.

So I think, Lets see what this baby can do..

Hmmmmmmm... I wonder where I'm supposed to plug in my monitor?????... hmmmmm that's strange there's no VGA socket on the back of the machine.... ????
There's a DVI socket.. but that's no good to me as I only have a standard VGA style monitor?!?!?

Bu*ger.. So I can't use the computer this morning.. bu*ger.. oh well thinks I it's not the end of the world, just because I now have a grand’s worth of door stop :-)

So off to the Mesh support site, and try to register my machine.. hmmmmm.. can't do that with Mozilla FireFox.. the OK button does nothing..

Ok I'll use IE.. I still have it installed luckily.. So I try to register with IE, It wouldn't take my serial number and software product ID, just keeps saying "Please enter a valid serial number and OEMID.". So I thought I know I'll register with my serial and postcode.

Great, I got through the first screen, and input all the other details asked for.. then guess what.. I got a "This serial number has already been registered, please log in with your userid and password".. I've search and I can't find one..

Oh well.. I'll just have to phone customer support, they're open at 9:00am. I'll let you know how I get on..

I still have hope that all will be well.. just a bit disappointed that I can't play with my new toy :-(


  byfordr 09:00 11 Mar 2004

Try the every present Davey from Mesh support
[email protected]

or [email protected]



  Rigga 09:06 11 Mar 2004

So far MESH support very helpfull..

oops... silly me.. I should have looked for a DVI to VGA adapter..

oh well at least I can use the computer now..

and hurray.. they are going to send out some anti static bags for me to return the 2x256mb modules, and then I'll just have to wait to receive the 1x512mb module, at least I have other memory so that I can use the computer in the mean time.

Oh and I've been given an email address to to fix the support login problems.

I have to say so far I'm quite impressed. I would have been more impressed if they would just send out the 1x512mb module, then after I receive the new memory I can return the 2x256mb modules. but hey, at least they are going to change the memory.

As I said so far, I would recommend them!

lets just hope the thing boots! I'll keep you all posted!


  Stuartli 09:11 11 Mar 2004

Mesh would most likely have registered your user ID and password - the system I got on behalf of a friend last September worked straight out of the box after being assembled.

  Rigga 10:46 11 Mar 2004

Well it does boot, and seems to work like the proverbial SOAS..

had a response from the weblogin people, who basically said try again, which I did and still can't get in.

Not overly worried about this.. yet..

Stuartli - If they have registered my Userid and Password, I wonder if they'll ever tell me what it is? :-)

Right - Who knows anything about setting up my two HDD in a RAID 0 config?


  Rigga 08:40 15 Mar 2004

Are you all bored yet?

If so then I'll stop updating... :-)

anyway.. I got the RAID 0 setup to work, quite easily in the end, and without losing any data, which was nice.. click here
to download the ASUS raid utility, which worked for me.

I've tested a few more things, like CD writing, and that all appears to work fine.

I did have a problem with one game demo I have tried. Far Cry. This is a superb demo BTW.. and the graphics, if you have a hig end card are simply stunning. However I'm having problems if I set the Anti Aliasing to anything other than, None. Which is a little bit strange.

I have an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro All in wonder card, so I was expecting to be able to run with full anit aliasing.

I guess it's the software that's the problem, but without having any other software to test this feature, then I'm not sure.

I think I'll ask support on the ATI site.

I've also sent back the memory that was installed in error, and am awaiting the return of the correct memory module. I'll let you all know when it arrives.

That's about it for now..

  The Spires 11:13 16 Mar 2004

So apart from the memory all is fine.

  Rigga 13:41 17 Mar 2004

Yes, everything is working well..

I'm still waiting for the memory to arrive.. which is a bit annoying, but I can live with half my memory for now.

Still getting the Far Cry demo anti aliasing problem, but no problems running other game demos, so I'm assuming it's a software prob.

Are you thinking of buying a Mesh yourself?

I've pretty much tested the whole machine now as supplied, and am completely satisfied with it.

As soon as the memory arrives, i'll update here and close this thread.


  MidgetMan 14:16 17 Mar 2004

"but I can live with half my memory for now." been doing that myself for ages now:>)))

Glad to hear that all is going well, glitches do happen as we know and it's nice to that Mesh are providing the support you expect.

  QUADDRA 14:27 17 Mar 2004

Hi Rigga, Hope everything is running well now.

I also have a PC on order from Mesh so I have found your comments interesting.

Just out of curiosity could you tell me how long you had to wait for your PC? I ordered mine on the 26th Feb and they have notified me that it will be despatched on 29th March. Also did they charge you extra for the change from 2*256mb to 1*512mb when you asked them originally.
I don’t understand why they supply 2*256mb when I would have thought it is better all round to use just the one slot and a single 512mb…


  Rigga 14:42 17 Mar 2004

Hi Quaddra,

My PC was ordered 20th Feb, with estimated despatch of 10th March. It arrived on 11th March.

Well I say arrived.. I actually contacted Amtrak (Who deliver for Mesh) for my local area, on the morning of the 10th and 11th. On the 11th they had my delivery waiting, so I collected my computer directly from them to save waiting in the house all day for it.

and as for the memory, no I didn't have to pay extra to have just the one 512mb module, but I did have to request it at the time of ordering.

I guess that the 256mb modules are much cheaper in bulk, so that's what they use, but I really wanted only one slot taken up so that I could expand the memory more.

Hope this info helps, and hope everything is ok with your new machine.


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