Mesh Shipping Without Activation Codes

  Bucksblade 16:00 05 Nov 2010

Mesh have shipped my PC pre-loaded with Windows 7 but have not supplied the disk or activation codes.

When I eventually got through to Mesh "Customer Services" they said they did not have any codes but would have some within a week!!! When I explained that my validation period had expired they offerred to show me how to reset the clock on my machine!!

Surely this is illegal.

Whatever you do do not buy a Mesh machine

  961 16:14 05 Nov 2010

Mesh had an issue with this a few months ago


  john bunyan 16:24 05 Nov 2010

Your PC is clearly "not fit for purpose" nor "as described" so you could , if you wished, reject it on those grounds . If you like it, maybe it is not worth the trouble.

  Forum Editor 17:12 05 Nov 2010

What a silly thing to say, just because of a glitch with an activation code.

The shortage of codes is almost certainly an administration error on the company's part, and obviously shouldn't have occurred. The computer should not have shipped without the code, but you have a 30-day period of grace before you need to activate, are you saying that this had expired before you received your new computer?

  spuds 17:24 05 Nov 2010

Apparently this complaint about shipping with no activation codes is not new, but as caused problems for a number of people, to the point that the question as to why, as been raised in another computer magazine.

We have another forum member complaining about their computer from Mesh, and I asked if they had received the code. The answer was yes, the code was affixed to the computer, so it would appear that some people are getting codes and others are not!.

  Bucksblade 17:39 05 Nov 2010

Forum editor - you are talking nonsense.

There is absolutely no reason why any supplier should ship a machine without activation codes for pre-loaded software.

They haven't shipped the codes because they don't have them. They don't have them because they haven't paid Microsoft for them. Furthermore, suggesting that I reset the clock to get around the issue is "illegal".

This is not the first time Mesh have had this issue - it appears to be deliberate.

Given this and the fact that its almost impossible to get through to their customers services - I say if you want a new machine - go elsewhere.

  Bucksblade 17:43 05 Nov 2010

Based on my experience there is no way PC Advisor takes service into account when short listing suppliers for its awards. If they do I cannot believe that they have MESH shortlisted.

  Forum Editor 17:45 05 Nov 2010

to see if I can get some further information about the missing key situation. I'll report back as soon as I get a response.

  Forum Editor 17:55 05 Nov 2010

We don't review suppliers - we review computers. Reviewing customer service is notoriously difficult because it's almost impossible to be objective.

We see the bad customer reviews here, but seldom the good ones - people who are happy with the service they receive don't often post threads about it in a consumer help and advice forum.

  Bucksblade 18:24 05 Nov 2010

Forum Editor

My 30 day validation period is about to expire. This is presumably because the period starts when the software is loaded.

Owing to various delays in delivery (another story) I am left in a position where my validation period is about to expire. The only suggestion I have had from MESH is to reset the clock. I am loathe to do this because it could impact other software reliant on the clock e.g. scheduled virus scans and because it is illegal.

The keys were promised today but nothing has arrived and it is almost impossible to get through to Customer Services and promised call backs do not happen.

As a customer I should not be put in this position. Their service is disgraceful.

  Forum Editor 00:50 06 Nov 2010

I'll thank you not to be so rude. I was not talking nonsense, I was trying to explain what has probably happened.

If you want help or advice here you would do well to be a little more civil. I asked you a perfectly understandable question, Your 30 day validation period commences when you first boot your computer into Windows, and it seems a little odd to hear that this period has expired when the machine was delivered. First you said it had already expired, now you say it's about to expire.

I agree that this is not very satisfactory, but there may be an explanation for it. Until you know the reason please do not make any further posts alleging that "it appears to be deliberate.". You have no evidence that this is the case.

I've already said that I've asked Mesh for an explanation, and I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything. It's Friday night, so I don't expect a response until Monday.

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