MESH shipped with no Windows Licence

  stickleback 19:02 14 Jul 2010

I received my new Mesh PC last week on the 14 day delivery deadline. However, it came without the Windows 7 licence key although there was a note saying I would receive the licence key within 30 days.

I have never purchased a computer before, including 3 previous Mesh PC's, without receiving all required licence keys at the time.

Am I within my rights to return it as not fit for purpose? Are Mesh in financial trouble and Microsoft have stopped supplying licences?

Anybody else with a similar experience?

  wiz-king 19:34 14 Jul 2010

They may have run out. They probably load the system from a master copy and buy blocks of licences as they need them. Could have sold more systems than they had bargined for and are waiting for an envelope in the post with the key stickers in.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:53 14 Jul 2010

You are fretting unnecessarily. The computer is more than 'fit for purpose' as a few numbers will not stop it working and the licence should be with you in approx 14 days. Chill and enjoy the computer. Phone Mesh in 2 weeks if you have not got a licence number. This is not the end of the world and sending the computer back is an over-reaction.


  Forum Editor 00:09 15 Jul 2010

to return it as not fit for purpose?"


"Are Mesh in financial trouble and Microsoft have stopped supplying licences?"

I wouldn't have a clue, but I very much doubt it.

Relax, as GANDALF <|:-)> has recommended, and wait for your licence to arrive.

  MESH Support 09:46 15 Jul 2010

I am sorry if we have worried you with this situation.

A recent order of licence codes was delayed and we unfortunately ran out. We could hold up the PC whilst we wait for the code but when you think about it in terms of holding a perfectly working system back for label it seemed a silly thing to do.

After checking it broke no rules we chose to release the PCs on the basis that we would receive and send out the code as soon as possible.

Please note that the letter doesn't state how soon the licence will be sent to you as we only expect it to me a matter of a few days before we then send it out to you. The reference to 30 days is how long you are able to use the operating system without the licence.

Again apologies if this caused you concern.


  MadAtMesh 13:48 15 Jul 2010

I have to disagree. I too have just taken delivery of a new Mesh with the sorry no key note. Mine didn't make the 14 working days deadline.

As delivered I have a machine that will cease to work from 30 days after I switch it on. Given it took so long for the PC (which was an offer, i.e. relatively standard build)to arrive, I'm reluctant to switch it on and start my 30 days ticking.

I also feel that my warranty period should not start until I have taken delivery of everything contracted, until I have that key.

  wee eddie 15:54 15 Jul 2010

Does one stop driving ones car because the Cover Note has not yet arrived?

While 'stickleback' was right to post his query, an explanation was given which explains the situation at Mesh's end. Others appear to be jumping on the paranoia bandwagon, when it is not appropriate.

  HondaMan 16:32 15 Jul 2010

Windows should already be activated

  MadAtMesh 17:36 15 Jul 2010

Honda Man wrote:
"Windows should already be activated"

So are you saying my 30 days started during testing on the assemby line, so I may as well power the kit up?

Wee Eddie, please don't write off justified concern as paranoia.
The key is more than an insurance 'cover note', though isn't it. It's more akin to the key to the petrol cap. If it doesn't arrive the car will stop.
Also you wouldn't drive the car until you knew you were actually insured on the insurers system; the arrival of the cover note is largely unimportant. I don't know if Mesh will keep a record of my Windows key on their system when they get it, but they certainly can't until they get it.
Yes I am slightly reassured by Mesh's explanation, but I'd be more so if they emailed me to say that a key had been assigned and the label was actually in the post.

  tullie 19:57 15 Jul 2010

For goodness sake,just wait for the license and carry on using.

  Strawballs 01:53 16 Jul 2010

Please start your own thread as poor stickleback will be getting notifications for comments that is not about their question.

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