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  1936 21:45 18 Dec 2004

Having looked at the reviews of Mesh computers I decided to buy one and duly paid close to £1,500. The delivery day came and went. In fact it came and it went three times before the computer turned up which meant that I had to make another appointment for the person who was due to set it up and then we discovered that it was damaged. I immediately sent an E-Mail to Mesh following it up with a telephone call the next day which was just as well because they never answered the E-Mail.
After waiting sixteen minutes Mesh answered their telephone and following a discussion they told me that a return label would be sent for the computer. Four days passed with no sign of the return label so I telephoned again. This time I only had to waste eight minutes. As Mesh had shown that they were not even capable of sending out a label to return their damaged computer I had lost confidence in them so I gave them two options. Either they sent me a replacement computer and arranged for the delivery person to pick up the damaged one or I wanted my money back.

“You will have to write in.” was the reply. “What’s wrong with an E-Mail?” I asked only to receive a convoluted reply that appears to ignore the fact that we are now in the twenty first century so I wrote a letter and faxed it and to date, six days later, I have had no response.

There has however been one sign of movement in that they sent a return label with a letter dated 10.12. 2004 The only problem was that the envelope franked with a Mesh franking machine was dated 16.12.2004 and of course I have to telephone them to make the arrangements which I assume they will ignore anyway.

It is now nearly two weeks, two e-mails and two faxes none of which were answered, since this saga started and the question has to be, “What value does Mesh place on customer service?” and the answer as I have found, is very little. So, If you intend to buy a Mesh computer and anything ever goes wrong with it don’t waste your time either writing, faxing or e-mailing because Mesh will never reply. Just be prepared to spend lots of time on the telephone and even that will not guarantee that they will take any notice.

If someone has the e-mail address of their C.E.O I would welcome it because I cannot believe that he knows the level of incompetence that runs through his organisation.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:18 18 Dec 2004

1936 - Davy, from Mesh, will very likely pick up on this and sort things out for you. I don't know if you have read any of his contributions of late, but he can be very helpful.

Best of luck.

  spuds 22:48 18 Dec 2004
  1936 00:05 19 Dec 2004

Many thanks. I have just e-mailed him.

  Forum Editor 00:50 19 Dec 2004

to your specifications you may request a full refund within 7 days of the date of delivery, and Mesh have 30 days from the date of your request in which to comply. You must notify the company of your decision in writing using a 'durable medium'. Consumer legislation recognises an email as a durable medium, so you have complied with that requirement - I assume that you made the request within the 7 day period?

That being the case, the fact that you haven't heard anything after 6 days isn't necessarily a cause for concern - Mesh have 30 days to comply as I've said.

My guess is that you'll receive a response to your email to Davey early next week - let's see what happens.

  1936 14:29 24 Dec 2004

Well, as I said I e-mailed Davey at Mesh and was pleasantly surprised the very next morning when my wife took a telephone call from Mesh. She was told that a Refund Label would be sent and I so I waited and waited and waited and I will probably be waiting for ever or at least until I instruct solicitors to act on my behalf to obtain my money from Mesh when all I wanted was for Mesh to send me a replacement computer. I know that it is the Christmas period but looking at the date stamps on the mail that I have been receiving shows that the GPO are providing a superb service which is more that Mesh can say.
Mesh, it would appear, is totally unable to understand the most basic concept of customer care but one should not be deceived by appearances because it is probably not as simple as that.
The primary problem is more likely to be that Mesh are so intent upon improving their profit margins that they do not staff their customer services department to a level where they can offer an efficient service level. A case in point is the amount of time one is forced to listen to their innocuous recorded messages when one telephones them.
This is really a great pity because as I said before, Mesh receives great reviews and now I have to go looking all over again.

  smoothcue 16:51 24 Dec 2004

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  1936 12:14 29 Dec 2004

I just asked Mesh when the refund return label would get to me. THeire reply was that it had been sent out on the 24.12.2004.
Not bad considering that they telephoned me on 20.12.2004 to say that they were sending it out that day.

  Forum Editor 12:41 29 Dec 2004

did you tell Mesh (in writing) that you wanted a full refund? An email notification is sufficient by the way - consumer legislation states that the notification must be by a 'durable medium' and an email is classed as such.

They have thirty days from that date in which to return your money in full - regardless of any delays in getting labels to you.

  1936 13:26 29 Dec 2004

I have read a message on another forum that Mesh would like me to contact them so I will keep you informed.

  SPEEDO JR 13:30 29 Dec 2004

I am looking at getting a new PC system sometime in January. I have tried do determine who to buy from, reseaching info contained in such publications as "Computer Shopper" etc. I was tilting in favour of Mesh Computers, but after reading this thread, in addition to other adverse comments regarding this Company over the last few days, I've been scared off the idea.

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