Mesh-return sytem or not!

  toothyboy 19:22 18 Nov 2004

Received a Mesh 64 3500+ on friday 12 november and apart from a faulty dvd r/w-which tech support said they would replace-i'm reasonably pleased with the machine.
The only slight problem is the graphics card supplied isn't as powerful as i'd hoped for.I contacted Mesh today to see if i could upgrade it and after about 1 1/2 hours on the phone on hold,being told to call various departments i'm still no closer to knowing whether it's possible or not or hopw much it will cost!
So now i need to decide should i send the whole thing back under sale of goods and start again from scratch or see if they can sort it out,bearing in mind the 7 day period is almost up.
Any suggestions?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:07 18 Nov 2004

If they supplied the graphics card to your specification or you accepted their specification I cannot see why you would want to return it. Surely you did some research beforehand? You could always upgrade it at your expense.


  toothyboy 20:20 18 Nov 2004

Fair point.I did do some research but maybe not as much as i could have done.
But the point is after 1 1/2 hours on a national rate number Mesh still haven't told me if it's possible to upgrade the graphis at the same time they're installing a new dvd r/w.
I told them i was willing to pay the extra for the card.

  spuds 22:38 18 Nov 2004

Contact Mesh via the forum contact [email protected] You may get a better response.

  anchor 10:16 19 Nov 2004

Contact Davey, (the PCA forum liaison), at Mesh;

[email protected]

  961 10:26 19 Nov 2004

Coming up to the Christmas rush I would be inclined to keep the computer if at all possible

If the card is as specified and is working properly then you may well incur costs in returning the computer

Contact Davey as suggested above

  MESH Support 13:19 19 Nov 2004

I'm sorry to hear that you are not entirely happy with your new Mesh PC.

Regarding the upgrade, anything is possible.

You can email me at either of the addresses given above but my direct email is [email protected]

Please remember to include your serial/order and screen name (toothyboy) with your mail.


Mesh Support

  HXP 19:34 20 Nov 2004

You haven't said which graphics card but you could ask Mesh to check you have the latest drivers installed and also get them to check the agp settings in the bios just to make sure what you have is running as fast as possible ....

Davey is usually really helpful so see what they advise


  toothyboy 19:48 20 Nov 2004

Cheers for advice folks.
Have E-mailed Mesh services & Davey individually
and have not had a reply from either.
On thursday i was promised a call back on friday that never materialised.
They must be really busy!

  HXP 19:56 21 Nov 2004

Yep I have left 15 voice messages for Amet Patel at Mesh and he is yet to return my call. Nice one Amet.

Stick with davey he is a real help - if anyone gives you Amet's name you are unlikely to get anywhere.

I have got through to various people via the help lines but it onvolves holding on for ages 20 + mins is not unusual.

Emails usually get answered in 24 hrs but last one advised me to ring cust services so another long wait - only to be answered by someone who took a message and promised a call back which never happened.

Another call to them and another long wait ....

Getting hold of them is very difficult and is one of the reasons I gave up with them in the end, a pity because I still suspect they are a good company - they just hide it well.

Hope your problem gets fixed and i find myself whistling the Mesh music on hold tune I have heard it so often and for such a long time .....

  MESH Support 03:48 22 Nov 2004


I unfortunately won't read your email until Monday morning, when I get to the office I will do so and get back to you.


I'm sorry for the lack of response.

I'm sure there is a good reason for a lack of call from Amit who often prides himself on returning all his calls.

Please email me at [email protected] a contact number where we call you tomorrow (Monday) and I will pass your details to him.


Mesh Support

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