Mesh - Reliable computers, poor delivery

  coast2coast 19:26 17 Jan 2006


Rather than hijack someone elses thread, I thought I would just pass on my experience of Mesh, to provide more data to hopefully help people make up their mind to buy or not.
I ordered my 6th mesh computer at the end of December, and paid extra for a Sat delviery as I am at work during the week. When I received the estimated delviery date, I arranged to swap my Saturday that I was on call so I could be home to accept delivery. Now, I have had problems in the past with deliveries and Mesh, but always forgave Mesh as I have only ever once had a technical fault with one of their computers, and had an engineer in my house with a few days with a new HD and new memory to fix that. Thus, I e-mailed close to the due date and was told yes, Sat still expected, I checked the online status everyday, and phoned just to make extra sure.
Of course, come Sat and nothing arrived. An entire day wasted sat in my front room watching crap Saturday tele. This was made even worse as I now had to be on call for several Saturdays in a row, meaning I could not be in to take delivery for weeks.
I therefore cancelled by phone, and was told ok, you will get all your money back. On the following Mon and Tue they tried to deliver, so I phoned again, yes it is cancelled, you don't have to do anymore. Checked online status - Cancelled!!
Over a week later and no money, so phoned again and was told you have to write in, which is standard practice but I was told I did not need to. I explained what I had been told the week before, and was told that guy was just filling in, and did not know what he was talking about. I wonder how many others he mis-informed.
I will leave you to make your own conclusions regarding their training, but for me this was the final straw.
To me Mesh make noisy but fast computers that are bullet proof, but if you get angry at having wasted a day off (especially if it is a day off work), please consider another manufacturer who provide guarenteed delivery dates, and don't hide behind estimated dates. Paying £60 for delivery should give you a guarenteed date.
One last thing, I don't know if it is a legal thing in accepting blame, but I have yet to get any sort of apology, despite e-mailing the situation and explaining it over the phone several times. Always the same ohh, as if it is something they have heard a million times before

  Biotech 21:13 17 Jan 2006

This will not help your situation but your thread reminded me of something my lad was saying while he was home for Christmas. As part of his degree course there is a "Project Management" module he is reading. There are many scenarios included in the module taken from "Real World" business, one describes an organisation where each department is in its own LaLa land and never communicated with any other department. It has a fancy name that I have forgotten but your story sounded eerily familiar.

  HULIO2002 22:10 17 Jan 2006

made. I had the exact same problem and got banned from adding anymore to the thread I was posting in. Mesh are terrible and I would not recommend them to anyone even if they do make good PC's. You should expect the people of customer services to know what they are doing but from my experiences I am havin with them and reading others peoples they have not got a clue. Getting a refund is a nightmare by they way. I hope you got yours.

  coast2coast 16:41 20 Jan 2006

Update. After writing in to cancel my order, I received a letter today with a red return sticker and an RMA number. Which is slightly strange as the reason I have cancelled is that Mesh were unable to deliver it!
Phoned CS again, got throught quite quickly, explained situation, was told my pick up day was Wednesday, explained situation again, i.e. what were they going to pick up, getting worried as to the location of the pc, if courier has lost it will this delay my refund, then told ohh yes, the RMA was sent out by mistake, you will get your refund Mon/Tue. She didn't say what year, but am hoping 2006 ish. The saga continues.....

  Europa 18:43 20 Jan 2006

It seems that you are not the only one having delivery problems, and this kind of situation is not exclusive of Mesh.
Look here : click here
It seems that there is a nasty virus going around the call centers nowadays.
The millenium bug was predicted, but it wasn't targetting computers, and it's spreading!
Joking apart, it seems that some sellers think the customers needs to accomodate the sellers, and not the other way around.
I wish I could be monday to friday at home to receive parcels, and work weekends, but I wouldn't earn enough so I have got to work monday to friday and pay for saturday delivery, they don't seem to understand it.
It sounds more and more like they are making you pay for a saturday delivery, but if they can deliver another day, they can claim their saturday delivery fees back and keep it.
No proof of that, of course, but .....

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